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Cardozo Law School Acceptance Rate, Admission Requirements, Process and Tips

The goal of Cardozo Law School is to equip its graduates with the skills necessary to excel at the pinnacles of the legal industry. Continue reading to find out more about Cardozo Law School acceptance rate and how to increase your chances of being admitted!


The pedagogical philosophy of Cardozo Law School, which bears the name of Benjamin N. Cardozo, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, is centered on his well-known statement that “the welfare of society is the ultimate cause of law.”

This guide will cover all you need to know about applying to Cardozo Law School, including deadlines for crucial applications, the cost of attendance, and more, if you want to become one of the successful attorneys there!

Cardozo Law School Acceptance Rate: 33.8%

33.8% of applicants are accepted to Cardozo Law School. 1,154 of the 3,414 applicants for the 2023 application cycle received admission offers.

Let’s examine Cardozo’s historical acceptance rates:

Year Number of Applicants Number of Accepted Students Acceptance Rate
2022-2023 3.414 1.154 33.8%
2021 3,820 1,178 30.8%
2020 3,193 1,204 37.71%
2019 2,999 1,265 42.2%

What Is the Admissions Process for Cardozo Law School?

It’s not too hard to get into Cardozo Law School. Only three out of ten applicants receive an admissions offer from this institution.

Programs Offered at Cardozo Law School and Ranking

Aspiring lawyers can choose from a variety of programs offered by Cardozo:

Programs Offered Length of Program Key Information
Juris Doctor (JD) 3 years A typical JD degree
Master of Laws (LLM) 1 year Allows students to specialize in their preferred area of law
Doctor of Juridical Science (JSD) 3 year A research-based advanced degree that results in an original contribution to legal scholarship
Dual JD and Master’s in Bioethics (MBE) 3-4 years A joint-degree pathway for law students interested in bioethics


Cardozo Law is ranked as the 69th top law school for 2023–2024. Significantly better, its part-time program is ranked as the fifth-best in the country.

Statistics for Cardozo School of Law Admissions

Considering this acceptance rate, you might be wondering what it takes to stand out from the competition as an applicant. This is what you ought to strive for:

Average GPA at Cardozo School of Law: 3.76

The average GPA at Cardozo Law is 3.76. The students who were admitted in 2023 had a GPA ranging from 3.46-3.86.

While a 3.76 GPA or above is the minimum required to be deemed competitive, applicants to Cardozo Law should strive for a higher score. Anything less will make it harder for you to get in!

The average LSAT score for Cardozo Law School is 164. Nonetheless, the LSAT scores of those accepted into the class of 2027 ranged from 159 to 166.

For Cardozo Law School, your LSAT score must be competitive and fall within this range. Choose an early test date to make sure the committee has your results as soon as possible. This will provide you the freedom to retake the LSAT if necessary and enable on-time submission.

Your Cardozo application will consist of various components, including:

Cardozo Law School Requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college
  • Undergraduate transcripts from all colleges attended
  • LSAT scores
  • A 2-page personal statement
  • A 1-2 page resume
  • 2 letters of recommendation, with at least one written by a professor
  • An optional addendum
  • No application fee

Scholarships & Tuition at Cardozo School of Law

The annual cost of attendance at the Cardozo School of Law is $69,826 including tuition and fees. The average student is expected to spend more than $100,000 attending this institution after other costs like housing and textbooks are taken into account.

Below is a summary of these costs:

Expense Cost
Tuition and Fees $69,826
Room and Board $21,000
Books $1,200
Transportation $1,188
Personal Expenses $7,742
Total $100,956


Several federal, state, and private loan programs, merit scholarships, needs-based grants, and institutional loans are all provided by Cardozo.

Deadlines for Cardozo Law School Applications

Cardozo Law School accepts applications for fall 2024 starting in September 2023 and closing on April 1st, 2024. Additionally, Cardozo provides a spring semester; applications must be submitted by March 15th, 2024.

When submitting your application at Cardozo, bear the following important dates in mind:

Dates & Deadlines Application Stage
September 2023 Applications open
December 1, 2023 Early Decision applications due
March 15, 2024 May term applications due
April 1, 2024 Fall term applications due

Bar Passage Rate at Cardozo School of Law: 81.2%

Cardozo Law School gives its graduates the skills and information necessary to succeed in the legal industry, as evidenced by its 81.2% first-time bar passage record. A strong JD program can be determined by looking at the bar passage rate.

How to Increase Your Chances of Admission to Cardozo Law School: 3 Strategies

Do you want your application to be unique from the rest? To gain admission to Cardozo Law School, heed these advice:

Emphasize Your Dedication to Human Rights and the Public Interest

Cardozo is renowned for emphasizing human rights and public interest law. Make sure your application and personal statement demonstrate your sincere enthusiasm for these subjects. Any relevant experience, including volunteer work or internships in these subjects, should be highlighted.

Emphasize Your Capabilities in Legal Writing and Research

Showcasing your writing and research skills through the pursuit and presentation of experiences is another effective tactic to get into Cardozo. Cardozo emphasizes these qualities a lot and thinks law students would benefit much from having them.

These experiences whether from projects, internships, or classes must be included on your CV.

Talk about Your Support for Inclusion and Diversity

In your application, please mention any prior academic or professional experiences in which you have actively promoted diversity, equity, and inclusion. Cardozo values inclusivity and diversity, and it wants to ensure that its students feel the same way!

What Is Considered by Cardozo Law School?

In general, students that exhibit strong academic potential and intellectual curiosity are what Cardozo Law School seeks. Their goal is to accept students with a variety of backgrounds, viewpoints, and experiences. Additionally, those who genuinely care about public service and human rights and are passionate about it are often admitted.

Cardozo Law School FAQs

Everything you need to know about Cardozo Law School has been briefly discussed. Here are the responses to some commonly asked questions in case you have any additional queries.

Is Cardozo a Reputable Law Faculty?

Yes, it is evident that Cardozo adequately prepares its students for their legal professions based only on their bar passage. Notably, it has a strong employment rate and a comprehensive legal curriculum.

What Is the Reputation of Cardozo Law?

The two programs that Cardozo Law School is most well-known for are intellectual property law, which ranks thirteenth in the country, and dispute resolution, in which it ranks sixth in the country. It also has one of the top US part-time legal programs!

Which Law School Level Is Cardozo?

Cardozo is a second-tier law school, according to its ranking of 69th in the world.

Is Cardozo Law School a Conservative Institution?

As a division of Yeshiva University, a private orthodox Jewish university, is Cardozo Law School.

What Address Is Cardozo Law School?

New York is home to the Cardozo School of Law. For law students, this makes it an ideal place to start networking and obtaining a variety of experiences.

What is the minimum LSAT score required to be admitted to Cardozo Law?

To increase your chances of getting into Cardozo Law School, your goal LSAT score should be 164 or higher.


With the motto “bringing law to life,” Cardozo is a great law school for any student who wants to study law by doing, face real-world problems, and make connections that will help them in their future.

Pursuing a legal education at this school is sure to be fascinating and incredibly rewarding, especially with the extra benefit of being in New York City, a premier place for law, business, and media!

It’s now all up to you to apply after learning how to increase your chances of acceptance to Cardozo Law School, being persuaded that it’s a great choice, and arming yourself with techniques to make a strong application.

we hope we’ve been able to answer all your questions? If you find this post helpful and you are interested in other international universities acceptance rate, you can check our websites for more information.

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