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UCLA Law School Acceptance Rate 2024 – Everything You Need To Know. 

Do you want to explore your possibilities at UCLA Law school and join a community that values diversity, innovation, and academic prowess in legal education? Sit back and get answers to all your questions to UCLA law school acceptance rate.

UCLA stands out as Southern California’s premier law school, securing the 15th position in the latest US law school rankings. The UCLA law school acceptance rate places it among the Ivy League law schools, solidifying its prestigious status. Situated on the expansive UCLA campus in Westwood, Los Angeles, the law school earns its top regional ranking through a combination of stellar reputation, high LSAT scores, and impressive GPAs.

UCLA Law school average GPA

While UCLA Law School does not have explicit GPA cutoffs, a high undergraduate GPA enhances your chances of admission. Class profile data indicates GPA percentiles for incoming J.D. students:

– 25th percentile GPA: 3.72

– Median GPA: 3.92

– 75th percentile GPA: 3.98

While there’s no specified minimum GPA, aiming for a GPA above the 3.92 average can increase your competitiveness as an applicant.

UCLA Law school requirements 

To have a complete UCLA Law School application, you must meet specific requirements. These include:

– LSAC application

– Personal statement

– Resume

– Two letters of recommendation

– Official transcripts

– LSAT/GRE scores

– $75 application fee

All applicants must use LSAC and the Credential Assembly Service (CAS). Early Decision applicants should submit an Early Decision Program Agreement. Those applying to the David J. Epstein Program in Public Interest Law and Policy or the Distinguished Scholars Program have additional application requirements. Achievement Fellowship Program applicants must submit an extra one-page essay detailing the obstacles they’ve overcome and why they’re a strong candidate for the program.

How to get into UCLA Law school: Tips to improve your admission chances

  • Craft a compelling application narrative by ensuring coherence and alignment across your materials. Emphasize consistent themes in your journey, such as perseverance or community service. 
  • Prioritize your grades, as UCLA Law places significant importance on academic ability. Focus on excelling in both GPA and LSAT scores, as these are crucial factors in the admission process. 
  • Highlight your skills, particularly strong critical thinking, writing, problem-solving, and analytical abilities, to showcase your suitability for UCLA Law.

How many years is a UCLA Law degree?

The UCLA School of Law offers four law degree programs within a progressive, rigorous, and cooperative educational setting, positioning it as one of the newer leading law schools in the nation. Among these is a three-year, full-time Juris Doctor degree program. Additionally, the law school provides an engaging Master of Laws (LL.M.) program, a one-year advanced graduate initiative allowing students to select from diverse specialties or customize their education to align with their career goals.

For working professionals not seeking to practice law, the Master of Legal Studies (M.L.S.) program offers a nine-month full-time study option or a more flexible 2-4 years schedule. Individuals aspiring to teach law can pursue the Doctor of Juridical Science (S.J.D.) through this program. Concurrent-degree programs often lead to the simultaneous conferment of a Juris Doctor and an advanced degree from another school or department after four years of study.

M.L.S. students can choose from eight specialties, while LLM and J.D. students have nine and seven specializations, respectively. With an innovative curriculum, an extensive network of clinics, and a focused array of centers, programs, and institutes, UCLA Law provides students a dynamic trajectory toward a legal career.

UCLA Law school acceptance rate

UCLA Law school acceptance rate stands at 15.5%, with approximately 6,000-7,000 applications received each year, leading to the admission of just over 1,000 students. In a recent admissions cycle, UCLA Law received 7,227 applications and accepted 1,120 students.

Historically, UCLA Law has faced considerable competition, presenting a challenging yet attainable admission landscape for those meeting its stringent standards. While the average acceptance rate for law schools in the US hovers around 45%, UCLA maintains a higher threshold, admitting candidates who not only embody UCLA’s ethos but also fulfill its specific requirements.

Since 2010, the UCLA law school acceptance rate has varied within the range of 20-30%. In 2022, the acceptance rate stands at 15.5%, solidifying UCLA School of Law as a robust contender among premier law institutions.

Based on UCLA Law school acceptance rate being 15.5%, the school is relatively hard to get into. you can click here to get information on how to get in.


The UCLA School of Law stands as a highly competitive among other international schools and prestigious institution with a rich history of academic excellence. With its Ivy League ranking, the law school has consistently maintained a competitive edge, accepting candidates who embody UCLA’s high standards and demonstrate exceptional qualities.

Aspiring applicants should prioritize a strong application narrative, emphasizing themes such as perseverance, community service, and a passion for learning. While there are no specific GPA cutoffs, aiming for a GPA above the 3.92 median for incoming J.D. students can enhance competitiveness. The admissions process includes a comprehensive set of requirements, from LSAC submission to letters of recommendation, reflecting the law school’s commitment to a holistic evaluation of candidates.

UCLA Law’s commitment to diversity is evident through its dynamic Master of Legal Studies (M.L.S.) program, offering various specialties, and the one-year advanced Master of Laws (LL.M.) program. Additionally, the law school provides a unique path for individuals not intending to practice law through the M.L.S. program.

The UCLA law school acceptance rate trend, fluctuating between 20-30% since 2010 and reaching 15.5% in 2022, underscores the competitive nature of UCLA Law School. Its consistent commitment to academic rigor, top-tier faculty, and a network of clinics contributes to its standing as a leading institution in legal education.

UCLA School of Law presents a challenging yet rewarding opportunity for those aspiring to excel in the field of law. With its unwavering commitment to excellence, diverse program offerings, and a legacy of producing accomplished legal professionals, UCLA Law stands as a beacon for those seeking a top-tier legal education.

Frequently asked questions on the UCL Law school Acceptance rate

What is the acceptance rate for UCLA Law School?

   The acceptance rate for UCLA Law School is 15.5% as of 2022.

What are the GPA requirements for UCLA Law School?

   While there are no explicit GPA cutoffs, having a high undergraduate GPA is essential. The class profile indicates a median GPA of 3.92 for incoming J.D. students.

What are the key components of the UCLA Law School application?

   The application requires LSAC submission, a personal statement, resume, two letters of recommendation, official transcripts, LSAT/GRE scores, and a $75 application fee.

Is there a preference for a specific undergraduate major at UCLA Law School?

   UCLA Law does not favor a particular major but emphasizes strong critical thinking, writing, problem-solving, and analytical skills.

How can I enhance my application narrative for UCLA Law School?

   Craft a cohesive narrative highlighting common themes such as perseverance, community service, and a passion for learning. 

What makes UCLA Law School competitive among top-ranked law schools?

   UCLA Law maintains a strong reputation, high LSAT scores, and GPA standards, contributing to its competitiveness and Ivy League ranking.

What are the specialties available for students in UCLA Law School programs?

   UCLA Law offers eight specialties for M.L.S. students, nine LLM specializations, and seven specializations for J.D. students.

What is the typical duration of the Master of Legal Studies (M.L.S.) program at UCLA Law?

   The M.L.S. program can be completed in nine months with full-time study or 2-4 years at a more relaxed pace for individuals not intending to practice law.

What is the acceptance rate trend for UCLA Law School in recent years?

   The acceptance rate for UCLA Law School has fluctuated between 20-30% since 2010, with the latest rate standing at 15.5% in 2022.

Are there concurrent-degree programs available at UCLA Law School?

    Yes, UCLA Law offers concurrent-degree programs, leading to the simultaneous award of a Juris Doctor and an advanced degree from another school or department after four years of study.

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