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UT Austin Nursing Acceptance Rate – A Quick Guide

The University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing is a highly regarded nursing school in the country, having established a reputation for excellence in academics, research, and service. Notable features of the school include: a diverse and engaged student body taught by committed faculty members; cutting-edge research focused on health behaviors and health promotion throughout the lifespan; service provided through their community-based clinics; and collaborative partnerships.

Undergraduate and graduate nursing programs are available at the University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing. Through rigorous academics and practical experience, every nursing school aims to prepare students for the clinical demands of the nursing sector.

UT Austin Nursing Acceptance Rate

For UT austin nursing acceptance rate, the BSN program has extremely competitive admissions. BSN students are identified by the semester in which they are enrolled after being accepted into the program.

Degree program

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)

This program gives graduates the skills they need to work in a range of clinical settings and lays the groundwork for advanced nursing degrees, including master’s and doctorate. The BSN program graduates will be ready to sit for the Registered Nurse National Council Licensure Examination.

A range of hospital and community settings are available for clinical experiences, and BSN coursework places a strong emphasis on critical thinking and clinical judgment, the application of research findings to demonstrate evidence-based nursing practice, nursing leadership, and the integration of knowledge from nursing, biological and behavioral sciences, and the humanities in the planning, implementing, and evaluating of nursing care. The BSN program has extremely competitive admissions.

BSN students are identified by the semester in which they are enrolled after being accepted into the program. J1s are students in their first semester of junior year; J2s are students in their second semester of junior year; S1s are students in their first semester of senior year; and S2s are students in their second semester of senior year.

UT Austin Nursing Acceptance Rate

Obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing with an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN-BSN)

Those who possess an associate’s degree in nursing (ADN) ought to apply via the external transfer admissions procedure of the university. ADN candidates who are accepted will enroll in classes alongside BSN students.

Master of Science in Nursing with Alternate Entry (AE-MSN)

The AE-MSN program is intended for those who want to pursue a Master of Science in nursing degree in addition to their Registered Nurse (RN) license but hold graduate or baccalaureate degrees in fields other than nursing.

Master of scientific in Nursing (MSN) program

The purpose of the Master of scientific in Nursing (MSN) program is to offer advanced study opportunities in specific nursing scientific fields, professional foundations, related disciplines, and methods of systematic research relevant to advanced and specialized professional nursing practice.

Alternate Entry Doctor of Philosophy

The doctor of philosophy (AE-PhD) program for alternate entry is intended for individuals with graduate or undergraduate degrees in fields other than nursing. A customized course schedule including of graduate-level RN foundation courses and master’s-level courses is permissible for each program of study.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The PhD program equips students to work as researchers and in advanced leadership positions in the fields of nursing and healthcare administration. Based on their experiences, goals, hobbies, and background in nursing, each student chooses a concentration area.

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program

The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program was created in response to the need for highly qualified clinical professors for nursing schools as well as for practitioners who could lead and practice at the highest levels of healthcare.

Admission Requirements

UT Austin Nursing Acceptance Rate


Prospective freshman students at UT-Austin who would like information on requirements and procedures should visit the Office of Admissions. Please respond to the following short answer questions with nursing as your major of choice:

  • Talk about the things that made you want to become a nurse and
  • How your recreational and academic activities helped you become ready to become a nurse.

Internal Transfer

Students who are currently enrolled at UT-Austin and would like to switch to nursing can visit the Internal Transfer website for additional details regarding the application and admissions process.

The University of Texas at Austin’s internal transfer policies are in line with the School of Nursing’s internal transfer regulations. Admittance is competitive and dependent on available space.

External Transfer

Prospective students who have already commenced their studies at another college or university and wish to apply to UT-Austin are known as external transfer applicants. Go to the Office of Admissions to apply.

Decide on nursing as your major of choice, and by the deadline of March 1st, turn in the necessary paperwork and essays. There are no prerequisite tests like the TEAS or HESI.

Three prerequisite courses are required, which are Statistics, Chemistry, and Biology. These are entry-level classes; laboratories are not necessary. It is advised to enroll in as many courses from the freshman and sophomore first semesters of the BSN degree plan (PDF) as possible in addition to those three.

Please use the Automated Transfer Equivalency System to find out if your courses transfer from another Texas university.

Acceptance is competitive and dependent on available space. External transfer applicants are only eligible for fall admission to the School of Nursing. There is no need for another application before beginning upper division course work in the BSN degree program, which is direct entry.

Honors Program

For highly motivated nursing students who are interested in undergraduate research and the advancement of scholarship, the Undergraduate Nursing Honors Program is intended to improve their educational experience. During the second semester of the first year of study, students are admitted to the School of Nursing Honors Program. Applications will be accepted from first-semester freshmen who have earned a 3.45 GPA or above. To learn more about the admissions and application process, visit the Honors Program.

For inquiries, contact the School of Nursing’s Office of Student Services at (512) 232-4780 or [email protected].


Application Deadline for Prospective Freshman: December 1 for fall admission
Application Deadline for Prospective Transfers: March 1 for fall admission
Length of Program: 4 years
Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Part-Time Study Available? NO
Distance Learning Available? NO

FAQs (UT Austin Nursing Acceptance Rate)

Is admission to the UTA nursing school difficult?

There is fierce competition for admission to the upper division nursing program.

What GPA is required to apply to the University Of Texas School Of Nursing?

Preference will be given to those having cumulative GPAs at UT of 3.0 or higher in science courses. A letter grade of C- or better must be obtained in each of the mandatory courses, CH 301, SDS 302, and BIO 311C. The BSN program requires the following science courses; however, applying for internal transfer does not require them.

What is the best nursing program?

Nursing Degrees: Types, Levels, and Prospects for Income

If you are prepared to work as an RN and have the time and money to devote to a four-year program, a BSN may be the best choice for you. If obtaining a master’s degree and becoming an advanced practice nurse is your ultimate aim, a BSN is also a great place to start.

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