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Amazon Technical Academy Acceptance Rate – Everything You Need To Know

Amazon Technical Academy Acceptance Rate

One of the top employers in the world right now is Amazon. With an ever-expanding marketplace and a company, the job market at Amazon is increasing and doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. In fact, for employees who want to take things a step further, Amazon has a special training program.

The program is brief but demanding, fruitful but constrained, and exciting growth that points the business in the correct direction. Everything you need to know about the Amazon Technical Academy will be covered in this post, including Amazon Technical Academy Acceptance Rate, how to apply, how to prepare for the test, what the ATA program looks like, and how competitive it is.

What is Amazon Technical Academy?

In the pace of nine months, Amazonians can gain the skills necessary to become Amazon Software Development Engineers (SDEs) by enrolling in Amazon Technical Academy, a full-time, virtual school that offers tuition-free instruction.

When does the following round of applications begin?

Details regarding the upcoming application cycle are not yet available. Checking ATA’s Explore page is a great way to remain informed about information regarding upcoming application cycles. Note: When admissions open, the academy will post announcements to A-to-Z, Inside Amazon, and other places.

Amazon Technical Academy Acceptance Rate

Does applying require prior coding experience?

Even if you’ve never written a line of code, any employee who satisfies the academy basic eligibility standards is welcome to apply to Amazon Technical Academy. However, those who proceed through the process will be required to show that they have a basic understanding of Java, and they will have access to the academy free, self-service Prerequisite Course to help them do so.

How are candidates chosen for Amazon Technical Academy?

Selecting participants with a range of experiences and backgrounds is ATA’s first priority. Through a series of tests, they evaluate applicants’ capacity for logical reasoning; the Technical Assessment measures their applicant basic Java knowledge. When making admissions decisions, they also take into account the applicant’s performance history, work background, and general program eligibility. Formal technical or academic credentials are not taken into consideration. Even if you have never received any formal technical training, they urge workers of all educational backgrounds and career levels to apply for ATA.

What if the employment program at Amazon Technical Academy does not accept me? Do I have any other choices?

You can reapply during a subsequent admissions season if you are not accepted into the internal program of Amazon Technical Academy as employees can look into more Amazon upskilling initiatives.

However, take note that ATA is not connected to any other Amazon upskilling initiatives and is unable to offer more details. In case you have inquiries concerning other upskilling prospects, kindly get in touch with those programs directly.

What the Amazon ATA Program?

You will become an Amazon SDE (Software Development Engineer) after completing the extensive curriculum in just nine months. To be admitted to the program, candidates must pass three exams.

  • The Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test (AMCAT)
  • A Technical Assessment
  • A Work Style Assessment

Conditions to be met by the ATA Program

Amazon Technical Academy Acceptance Rate

In order to apply for the ATA program, you must meet certain requirements, including working at Amazon for a full year without a break, being a full-time or part-time Blue Badge employee, being a citizen of the United States, and being authorized to work full-time for Amazon in the country.

Prior to taking the final exam of the ATA Program, you must finish the following coursework:

  • A six-week course in coding. It goes over the principles and foundations of design, Java, and code.
  • Data composition and structures in software design, A five-week course
  • A four-week training on data and information logging
  • A one-month course that goes over the fundamentals of computer processes, including queues, data, and developers

Subsection: Learning and Being Curious is a one-month subsection in Unit 4, which shares the same name as one of the 16 principles. Additional coding information is provided in this area, which also assists you in determining when further assistance is needed.

  • This unit is a one-month course covering advanced subjects like data caching.
  • The capstone is the last summary of each unit. The ten-week summary goes over designs, principles, and other sophisticated features.

What Is the Price of the ATA Program?

For Amazon employees, the full-time nine-month curriculum is free of charge. Students will receive $3,692 per month, or $21.19 per hour for 40-hour work weeks.

AMCAT, the ATA Program Entry Test

The Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test, or AMCAT, is given to candidates immediately following the completion of their ATA applications. In contrast to other pre-employment exams, the AMCAT is specifically offered by Amazon.

This test is not like any other you’ll take in preparation for a new job. What makes the AMCAT so unique? Compared to other pre-employment tests, it features questions that demand a lot more time and consideration. You will need to invest many hours in preparation and study for this test.

What Does the AMCAT Format Look Like?

Candidates have 35 minutes to respond to each of the 24 questions on the AMCAT. While it may appear like a simple activity and a lengthy time, the test gets harder and harder as it goes on.

If a question asks you to solve a complex word problem, you might take five minutes to answer it, but only three seconds for a simple math task.

This exam focuses on the use of logic in reasoning. When taking this exam, you are not required to consult any prior knowledge of coding. To help you respond as fully as possible to the questions, you can utilize scrap paper.

What is the score?

You only have one chance to pass the AMCAT; if you don’t pass, you won’t be able to retake it or continue with the ATA program.

It’s best to answer each question as best you can, utilize logical reasoning if you’re unsure of the answer, and manage your time because Amazon never discloses the score required to complete the test.

Getting Ready for the Test

Amazon Technical Academy Acceptance Rate

You can use study materials and prep packs that contain questions that are comparable to those on the test to get ready for the AMCAT. Countless hours are spent investigating the categories and types of questions on the AMCAT by those who provide study guides and prep packs.

They are skilled at creating useful study guides. Although the study guide’s questions won’t exactly match those on the AMCAT, preparing with questions that are comparable will help you do better on the test.

Make sure you understand the questions by carefully reading each one and reading them again. When choosing an answer, take your time answering the questions and make a note of any pertinent details.

Answers to questions that don’t always provide enough details to draw a firm conclusion could state something like, “There isn’t enough information to answer this question/conclude anything.” If you are ever given the option to choose that response, be sure to read the question carefully and double-check your work.

Always be mindful of the terminology and word choice used in the questions. Words like always, never, sometimes, and maybe can cause you trouble if you breeze through the exam. Examine carefully before responding to any questions.

What Is the Technical Assessment?

The Technical Assessment is the final section of the ATA. There is a coding project included, but you are free to choose not to do it if you are uncomfortable with it or do not want to in the exam.

Java is the focus of this section of the test. To ace this exam, you should review the foundations of Java. Although the exam can be completed in three hours by each test taker, most people do it in 1.5 hours or less.

The test is given on a webcam-equipped computer. Because the camera records images while the test is being taken, try not to have any other tabs open, keep any distracting objects close by, or look away from the screen too much. Nonetheless, you might utilize a paper and pencil to aid you in the exam.


Every day, the number of employees at Amazon rises. The ATA Program is a resource that employees use to advance within the organization due to its growing workforce and unique chances for workers. When are you going to apply for the ATA Program now that you have more knowledge about its requirements?

we hope we’ve been able to answer all your questions? If you find this post helpful and you are interested in other international universities acceptance rate, you can check our websites for more information.

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