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Cornell Computer Science Acceptance Rate – Comprehensive Details

With the greatest acceptance rate among all Ivy League universities, Cornell University has earned the reputation of being “easy” to get into.

But nothing could be further from the reality than this. The standards for admission to Cornell University computer school have proven to be very difficult.

It goes without saying that Cornell is a selective college for applicants. However, our goal is to assist you in being admitted to this elite university. We will examine every aspect of Cornell computer science acceptance rate, including the school’s requirements deeply in this post.


Cornell University is an Ivy League research university located in Ithaca, New York, and was founded in 1865. It is renowned for its distinguished professors, demanding curriculum, and active student body. Cornell Computer Science is well-known among its many prestigious departments.

Established in 1965, the computer science department is among the most prominent, oldest, and respected in the world, and it is well-known for its cutting-edge research, esteemed staff, and demanding academic offerings.

Undergraduate and graduate degree programs in computer science are offered by Cornell’s Department of Computer Science. These programs include the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Master of Engineering, Master of Science, and Doctor of Computer Science. It fosters a community that is inclusive and diverse, creating an atmosphere that is favorable to creativity, invention, and intellectual curiosity.

The Department of Computer Science is essential to Cornell’s quest of academic achievement, from teaching students the fundamentals of computing to pushing the boundaries of technology through innovative research.

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Cornell University’s Computer Science History

Cornell University’s Department of Computer Science was established in 1965. As a result, the department is now among the oldest in the US for computer science. It has gone through a number of significant turning points throughout the years, including its early leadership under Juris Hartmanis, who went on to win the Turing Award for his contributions to computational complexity theory.

The creation of numerous well-known research groups and labs, each of which has contributed to ground-breaking developments in areas including artificial intelligence, computer graphics, systems and networking, and theoretical computer science, has highlighted the department’s growth and development. Turing winners John Hopcroft and Robert E. Tarjan are well-known faculty members who have made substantial contributions to data structures and algorithms.

Its cutting-edge computing methods have frequently been ahead of their time, and its professors and graduates have spearheaded a number of technological advances that have redefined the field of computer science. The department’s extensive history and significant contributions highlight its continued dedication to knowledge and educating the upcoming generation of computer science experts.

Cornell Computer Science Programs

Program for Undergraduates

The university provides a variety of undergraduate Cornell Computer Science programs to meet the varied interests and professional aspirations of its students. The College of Arts and Sciences’ Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Computer Science program gives students a strong foundation in computer science together with a broad education in the liberal arts.

The College of Engineering offers a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Science program that places a greater focus on the mathematical and technological components of the subject. The department also offers combination majors, which combine computer science with subjects like mathematics, economics, and information science and let students investigate the connections between these topics, for those who would like to study computer science in addition to another subject.

Additionally, the department provides a minor in computer science that allows students majoring in other fields to pick up computer science knowledge and abilities. This minor allows students to learn programming, data structures, and other fundamental computer science concepts.

Graduate Program

Strong graduate programs are available at Cornell’s Department of Computer Science to help students get ready for leadership positions in research, industry, and academia. The Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) in Computer Science is a professional degree program that gives students a theoretical grasp and practical application of computer science through a combination of advanced coursework and a capstone project.

However, research-focused students who want to go deeper into particular computer science fields or who intend to pursue a doctorate program often pursue the Master of Science (M.S.) in Computer Science.

Students can work closely with faculty members on cutting-edge research in artificial intelligence, computer graphics, systems and networking, theory of computing, and other areas through the demanding and intense Ph.D. program in computer science. The program’s goal is to equip students for professions in academia, research, or business where they can further computer science expertise.

Prospective Student Application Process

Through the Cornell Undergraduate Admissions Office, prospective students submit an application to Cornell University and ask to be admitted to one of the colleges. Either the College of Engineering or the College of Arts and Sciences will accept applications from students interested in majoring in computer science. The non-computer science courses and distribution requirements differ across the two campuses, but the computer science courses and major requirements are the same. Direct admission to a major is not granted to first-year students. Rather, they are admitted to a college and, upon fulfilling the college’s requirements, they apply to a major.


Submission Required?
High School GPA Considered but not required
High School Rank Considered but not required
High School Transcript Required
College Prep Program Considered but not required
Recommendations Required
SAT or ACT Scores Considered but not required
TOEFL Required

Average Results on Tests

The SAT scores of about 41% of applicants who were accepted to Cornell were submitted. The range of SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing scores, when examining the 25th through the 75th percentile, was 700–760. The range of math scores was 750–800.

cornell computer science acceptance rate

Cornell Computer Science Acceptance Rate

Make sure you complete your application as soon as possible if you intend to apply to Cornell. With cornell computer science acceptance rate at just 9%, the institution is among the most exclusive in the country. If you get accepted, you should be proud of that!

Men make up about 45% of accepted students, while women make up 55%. Men’s admission rates are 8% while women’s acceptance rates are 10%.

Will I be able to afford Cornell University?

Cornell’s average net price is $57,504 overall. The school’s affordability is primarily determined by your financial situation, as net prices differ according to income bracket.

Debt from Student Loans

Although nearly two-thirds of students countrywide take out loans to cover their education expenses, the figure for the university you intend to attend may differ significantly. Approximately 27% of Cornell students had average annual student loan debt of $8,585. For those students, that comes to $34,340 over a four-year period.

Cornell has a 0.4% student loan default rate. This is a positive indication that you will be able to repay your student loans because it is far lower than the 10.1% national default rate.


Which Cornell college is the most difficult to gain admission to?

The Cornell College of Arts & Sciences, engineering college. College of Art, Architecture, and Planning are the most selective school when it comes to admissions.

What is the international student admission rate at Cornell?

Examining the Acceptance Rate at Cornell University:

One of the best universities in the US, Cornell University, has a very competitive admissions process. Ivy League Prep reports that 10.6% of applicants are accepted to universities. The rate of acceptance for international applicants to Cornell University is the same.

Do foreign students at Cornell University receive full scholarships?

What is the procedure for choosing recipients of foreign financial aid? A financial aid package that fully addresses the demonstrated financial need of admitted students who have applied for and received financial help will be awarded to them. There are no partial financial assistance awards offered by Cornell.


In conclusion, the competitiveness of its application pool and Cornell University’s selectivity are reflected in the university’s acceptance rate. Even if Cornell University’s acceptance rate might be low to moderate, it’s important to look past this statistic and take into account the academic programs, faculty, resources, and general fit of the institution for each applicant’s goals. Prospective students can improve their chances of admission by focusing on their academic achievement, participating in worthwhile extracurricular activities, and presenting a well-rounded application. Ultimately, Cornell remains a renowned university offering exceptional educational experiences together with a vibrant campus environment that fosters student growth and achievement.

we hope we’ve been able to answer all your questions? If you find this post helpful and you are interested in other international universities acceptance rate, you can check our websites for more information.

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