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Federal University Dutse Courses and Their Cut Off Mark in 2023/2024

Federal university Dutse courses and their cut off mark in 2023/2024 has been made readily available. The university has placed the minimum requirement score at 160 after the JAMB registrar, professor Ish-aq Oloyede announced the body’s cut off mark.

Federal University Dutse courses and their cut off mark

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Federal University Dutse (FUD) which is located at Jigawa is well-known for its wide range of academic offerings and dedication to educational quality. Prospective students must know the courses available and the associated cut off marks as they prepare for admissions. This post will discuss the different Federal university Dutse courses and their cut off mark.

Courses Offered at Federal University Dutse

FUD offers a wide array of undergraduate programs across different faculties, the university’s courses span fields such as:

1. Faculty of Agriculture

– Agricultural Economics and Extension

– Animal Science

– Crop Science

– Fisheries and Aquaculture

– Forestry and Wildlife Management

– Soil Science

2. Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

– Economics

– English

– Political Science

– Sociology

3. Faculty of Computing

– Computer Science

– Cyber Security Science

– Information Technology

4. Faculty of Science

– Biology

– Chemistry

– Environmental Management & Toxicology

– Mathematics

– Microbiology

– Physics

5. Faculty of Management Sciences

– Accounting

– Banking and Finance

– Business Administration

– Taxation

6. Faculty of Health Sciences

– Human Anatomy

– Human Physiology

– Medical Biochemistry

Federal University Dutse Courses and Their Cut Off Mark for Admission

It is crucial to remember that cut-off marks might change from year to year and are frequently influenced by variables, including the volume of applications, how well applicants perform on entrance exams (like the UTME), and the university’s admissions policy.

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The following are the general parameters for the Federal University Dutse departmental Cut Off Mark:

1. Faculty of Agriculture: Cut-off marks typically ranged from 160 and above.

2. Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences: Prospective students usually needed scores of 170 and above.

3. Faculty of Computing: The cut-off marks for computing-related courses were generally higher, often starting from 180 and above.

4. Faculty of Science: Cut-off marks for science courses ranged between 170 and 180.

5. Faculty of Management Sciences: As with the Faculty of Arts, cut-off marks were typically around 170 and above.

6. Faculty of Health Sciences: Courses in the Health Sciences field often had higher cut-off marks, starting from 180 and above.

The table below shows the required departmental cut off marks at Federal University, Dutse:

S/N Programmes Cut off ark
1 Agriculture 170
2 Fisheries and Aquaculture 170
3 Forestry and Wildlife management 170
4 Economics 160
5 English 160
6 Linguistics (Arabic) 160
7 Linguistics (English) 160
8 Political Science 160
9 Criminology and Security Studies 180
10 Computer Science 180
11 Cyber Security 180
12 Information Technology 170
13 Software Engineering 180
14 Medicine and Surgery 240
15 Biotechnology 180
16 Botany 160
17 Chemistry 160
18 Environmental Management & Toxicology 170
19 Mathematics 160
20 Microbiology 180
21 Physics 160
22 Zoology 160
23 Biochemistry 180
24 Biology 170
25 Human Physiology 180
26 Human Anatomy 180
27 Accounting 170
28 Actuarial Science 160
29 Banking and Finance 160
30 Business Administration 170
31 Taxation 160
32 Insurance 160
33 Islamic Studies 160
34 Primary Education 160
35 Library and Information Science 170

How to Calculate Federal University Dutse Aggregate Cut off Mark

The aggregate cut-off mark is often used in educational systems to determine the eligibility of a candidate for admission to a particular program or institution. The method for calculating the aggregate cut-off mark can vary among different educational systems. However, a common approach involves considering the scores in different subjects or components relevant to the admission process.

Below guide should help you on how to calculate the aggregate cut-off mark for FUD:

1. Identify the Relevant Subjects or Components

Determine which subjects or components are considered for the calculation. This could include scores in specific subjects, such as Mathematics, English, and relevant subjects to the chosen field of study.

2. Convert Scores to a Common Scale

If the scores are in different scales (e.g., percentage, CGPA, or exam-specific scores), convert them to a common scale. This is often necessary when dealing with scores from different exams or assessments.

3. Assign Weight to Each Component

Assign weights to each subject or component based on its importance to the admission process. For example, if an entrance exam, O-level results, and interview are considered, you might assign different weights to each (e.g., 60% for the exam, 30% for O-level results, and 10% for the interview).

4. Calculate Weighted Scores

Multiply the score in each subject or component by its assigned weight. This gives you the weighted score for each component.

5. Sum the Weighted Scores

Add up all the weighted scores to get the total weighted score.

6. Calculate the Aggregate Score

Divide the total weighted score by the sum of the weights assigned to get the aggregate score.

Remember that the specific method and components for calculating the aggregate cut-off mark can vary between educational institutions and countries. It’s crucial to check the official admission guidelines of the institution you are applying to for the precise details on how they calculate the aggregate cut-off mark.

For example, in the context of Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) in Nigeria, the UTME score, O-level results, and sometimes Post-UTME scores are considered in the aggregate score calculation. The weights assigned to these components can vary. Always refer to the specific guidelines provided by the institution or examination body.


Essential elements in the university admission process include selecting the appropriate course and being aware of the corresponding cut-off marks. Potential students should carefully examine Federal University Dutse’s courses and aim to achieve the designated cut-off scores. Additionally, for the application process to be successful, you must keep up with any changes to the requirements and criteria for admission. Prospective students should frequently visit the admission portal and the official FUD website to stay updated on announcements and updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cut off mark for all courses in Federal University Dutse?

Federal University Dutse, FUD cut off marks for the 2023/2024 academic session is 160 – 240 depending on the courses.

What are the courses in Federal University Dutse?

Federal University Dutse has a wide range of courses such asAccounting, Agriculture, Biochemistry etc. click here to have access to all the courses offered at Federal University Dutse.


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