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How to Calculate University of Ibadan Cut off Mark in 2023 and Beyond

Learn how to calculate the University of Ibadan cut off mark accurately for your UTME and post UTME exams. Boost your chances of admission.

If you are an applicant who has chosen University of Ibadan and sat for the UTME as well as the University’s post UTME but worried about how to calculate university of Ibadan cut off mark in 2023 and beyond, you don’t need to stress too much. We will guide you through the process in this post.

How to Calculate University of Ibadan Cut off Mark

The University of Ibadan (UI) is a renowned institution in Nigeria, known for its academic excellence and rigorous admission standards. One crucial aspect of the admission process is the determination of the cut-off mark, which serves as a benchmark for selecting candidates for various courses.

Understanding How to Calculate University of Ibadan Cut off Mark

The cut-off mark is the minimal grade or score required by standardized test administrators to evaluate applicants for admission to a particular University of Ibadan academic program. Like many other colleges, UI uses a comprehensive strategy, considering several variables when determining the cut-off grades.

Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) Score

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) administers the UTME, a significant component in determining the cut-off score. Aspiring students should review their UTME results because they are the basis for the computation.

O’level Results

The University of Ibadan considers a candidate’s performance in their O-level exams. This includes the Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) or its equivalent.

Departmental Requirements

Different departments at the University of Ibadan may have specific requirements for admission. This could include subject combinations, the number of required credits, or other department-specific criteria. It is crucial to be aware of these requirements, as they influence the cut-off mark.

Steps on How to Calculate the University of Ibadan Cut Off Mark

Calculating the University of Ibadan cut-off mark is a meticulous process that considers both UTME and O’level performances. Prospective students should be diligent in understanding the specific criteria for their chosen department and strive to meet or surpass the stipulated cut-off marks. Staying informed, preparing comprehensively, and presenting a strong academic profile are essential steps on the path to securing admission to this esteemed institution.

Obtain UTME Score

Retrieve your UTME score from JAMB, as this is a foundational component in the calculation.

Convert UTME Score to Percentage

Convert your UTME score to a percentage based on the maximum attainable score in the examination.

Assess O’level Results

Evaluate your O’level results, focusing on relevant subjects for your chosen course. Convert these grades into numerical scores based on the grading system used by the university.

Convert O’level Scores to Percentage

Convert your O’level scores to percentages, aligning them with the maximum achievable scores for each subject.

Apply Weightings

UI may assign different weightings to the UTME and O’level components. Apply these weightings, multiplying the percentage scores by their respective weights.

Sum Up the Scores

Sum up the weighted scores from the UTME and O’level components. This total represents your overall score.

Check Departmental Cut-Off Marks

Departments at the University of Ibadan may have specific cut-off marks. Compare your calculated score with the departmental cut-off to ascertain your eligibility for admission.

After following the above steps, understanding how to calculate the University of Ibadan cut-off mark is essential for prospective students. The following are things to consider while learning how to calculate university of Ibadan cut off mark in 2023 and beyond, unless otherwise stated by the university’s management.

1. Know the Basics

The University of Ibadan typically sets its cut-off marks based on the performance of candidates in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME). UTME is a standardized test conducted by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) in Nigeria. UI considers both the UTME scores and the Post-UTME scores in determining the cut-off marks.

2. UTME Scores

To calculate the UI cut-off mark, you need to know your UTME score. The total UTME score is 400, with each subject carrying a maximum of 100 marks. UI usually considers the aggregate score, which is the sum of the scores obtained in the relevant subjects for the chosen course. Check the university’s official admission guidelines to know the specific subjects and their combinations required for your desired program.

3. Post-UTME Scores

In addition to the UTME scores, candidates must also take the University of Ibadan’s Post-UTME examination. The scores obtained in this examination contribute to the overall assessment. The Post-UTME scores are usually scaled to 50 points, and the total points are added to the UTME aggregate score.

4. Calculation Formula

The formula for calculating the UI cut-off mark is as follows:

UI Cut-Off Mark = UTME Aggregate Score + Post-UTME Score

For example, if a candidate scores 250 in UTME and 30 in the Post-UTME, the calculated cut-off mark would be 250 + 30 = 280.

5. Minimum Cut-Off Marks

Different courses at the University of Ibadan may have varying cut-off marks. It is crucial to check the official admission portal or contact the university’s admission office for the specific cut-off mark for your chosen program. Some courses may have higher cut-off marks due to the competitiveness of the field.


Understanding how to calculate the University of Ibadan cut-off mark is crucial for prospective students aiming to secure admission to this prestigious institution. By being aware of the criteria, candidates can better prepare and improve their chances of meeting the required standards. Always refer to the official guidelines provided by the university for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to calculate UI Aggregate Score 2023?

Understanding the calculation of UI aggregate score to secure admission in the institution has a lot to do with UTME score, post UTME score as well as the O’level result score. To have a better understanding of how to calculate the University of Ibadan cut off, click here to read the article.

What is the departmental cut off mark for University of Ibadan 2023?

The University of Ibadan cut off mark varies depending on the competitiveness of courses applicants are vying for. To be eligible for admission, applicants should have at least the minimum of 200 as UTME score.

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Note that the above score may not be considered for courses in high demand such as: Law, Medicine, Pharmacy, Anatomy etc.

Candidates applying to study Medicine should have a minimum score of 280, candidates who wish to study Law should have a minimum score of 250 to stand out in the admission process. Click here for more insight.


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