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How Much is LASU School Fees for Non-Indigene in 2023/2024 Academic Session

Previously, the Lasu school fees for non-indigenes, sometimes called Lagos State University school fees, varied between N25,000 and N150,000, depending on the specific course of study and the academic level. In the wake of the ASUU strike during and following the COVID-19 pandemic, the university administration implemented a tuition price hike for prospective and already enrolled students.

How Much is LASU School Fees for Non-Indigene in

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The LASU school fees for non-indigenous vary depending on the specific program and degree of study. Lagos State University (LASU) provides academic programs for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Undergraduate programs are commonly classified into faculties such as Arts, Science, Engineering, Social Sciences, and other disciplines.

Suppose you are preparing to pursue higher education at Lagos State University (LASU) and are interested in knowing the expenses associated with going. In that case, you have found the correct source of information. This thorough reference provides a detailed analysis of LASU school fees for the 2023-2024 academic session, guaranteeing accurate and current information.

Lasu School Fees for Non-Indigene for Freshers and Returning Students in 2023/2024

Lagos State University (LASU) is a prestigious educational establishment situated in the vibrant metropolis of Lagos, Nigeria. Prospective students and their parents must comprehend the tuition fees in order to effectively plan for their educational path. Presented here is a comprehensive analysis of the school fees for new and returning students at LASU. This breakdown offers a thorough summary to aid you in your financial planning.

Faculty of Social Sciences

S/N Programs Payable Fees
1 Industrial relations and personnel management N150,000
2 Insurance N150,000
3 Accounting N150,000
4 Management N150,000
5 Finance N150,000
6 Business Administration N150,000
7 Economics N150,000
8 Mass Communication and Journalism N150,000
9 Political Science N150,000
10 Social Works N150,000
11 Psychology N150,000
12 Sociology N150,000
13 Public and international affairs N150,000
14 Transport planning and management N150,000

Faculty of Law

S/N Programs Payable Fees
1 Commercial and Industrial Law N150,000
2 Public Law N150,000
3 Islamic Law N150,000
4 Private and Property Law N150,000
5 Legal Studies N150,000
6 Jurisprudence and International Law N150,000

Faculty of Arts

S/N Programs Payable Fees
1 English Language N150,000
2 English Literature N150,000
3 Linguistics, African and Asian N150,000
4 Philosophy N150,000
5 History N150,000
6 Creative Arts: Visual Arts N150,000
7 Creative Arts: Theatre Arts N150,000
8 Creative Arts: Music N150,000

Faculty of Engineering

S/N Programs Payable Fees
1 Chemical and Polymer Engineering N150,000
2 Electronic and Computer Engineering N150,000
3 Mechanical Engineering N150,000

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Faculty of Education

S/N Programs Payable Fees
1 Guidance and Counseling N150,000
2 Adult Education management N150,000
3 Adult Education N150,000
4 Adult Literacy and Non-Formal Education N150,000
5 Biology Education N150,000
6 Chemistry Education N150,000
7 Integrated Science Education N150,000
8 Social Studies Education N150,000
9 Geography Education N150,000
10 History Education N150,000
11 Human Kinetics and Health Education N150,000
12 Educational Administration and Planning N150,000
13 Curriculum Theory N150,000
14 Religious Education N150,000
15 Islamic Studies Education N150,000
16 Christian Religious Studies N150,000
17 Yoruba Education N150,000
18 French Education N150,000
19 English Literature Education N150,000
20 English Education N150,000
21 Business Education N150,000
22 Technology Education N150,000
23 Home Economics Education N150,000
24 Sport Administration/Management N150,000
25 Exercise Physiology N150,000
26 Educational Psychology N150,000
27 Physiology of Education N150,000
28 Sociology of Education N150,000

Faculty of Sciences

S/N programs Payable Fees
1 Fishery Science N150,000
2 Biology N150,000
3 Mathematics and Statistic N150,000
4 Physics N150,000
5 Microbiology N150,000
6 Botany N150,000
7 Chemistry N150,000
8 Computer Science N150,000
9 Zoology N150,000

School Of Basic Medical Sciences (BMS)

S/N Programs Payable Fees
1 Physiology N150,000
2 Biochemistry N150,000

School of Clinical Sciences

S/N Programs Payable Fees
1 Medicine and Surgery N150,000
2 Dentistry N150,000


Understanding the LASU school fees or non-indigene is crucial for proper financial planning. Prospective students and their parents should consult the official LASU website or contact the university’s bursary department for the most accurate and up-to-date information on fees and payment procedures. Additionally, exploring scholarship opportunities can help alleviate the financial burden associated with education at LASU.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the LASU school and acceptance fee?

The non-refundable acceptance fee is N20,000.00, with an additional medical screening fee of N10,000.00.

How much is the LASU diploma fee?

The school fees is 80k per session except acceptance and medical fees. 7. Diploma students are direct entry (DE)students into 200 level.

How much is the Lasu hostel fee?

The hostel fee is between N10,000 to N30,000 per student.


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