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Marine OCS Acceptance Rate – Complete Guide 2024

Becoming an officer in the Marine Corps is a rare achievement. Marine Officer Candidate School is one step on the road to becoming an officer in the USMC. People face every kind of hardship in this course.

We will talk about what OCS is, how it works, how to get there, what happens after, and Marine OCS acceptance rate.

For your comprehensive guide to Marine OCS, keep reading.

Marine OCS: What is it?

Marine Corps Base Quantico in Virginia is home to the Marine Officer Candidate School.

Future Marine officers undergo their leadership training in OCS.

Officers will pick up tactical instruction, physical conditioning, terrain navigation, and military customs during this time.

The goal of OCS is to provide Marine Corps members with the know-how and abilities needed to lead in a demanding setting.

This is accomplished by using controlled situations that let people be assessed and screened in both the academic and physical domains.

The Marines will be able to satisfy the high standards the Marine Corps requires for its commanders through intense moral, mental, and physical difficulties.

Marine OCS Acceptance Rate

Marine OCS acceptance rate for the Marine Corps are typically in the range of 70%. Graduating is another matter. Although the Marines have rigorous standards for officers, all you need to do to be admitted to OCS is fulfill these minimal requirements:

  • Be in the age range of 20 to 28.
  • Pass a criminal background check
  • Pass the Initial Strength Test
  • Hold both a college degree and a high school diploma
  • Pass the ASVAB with a score of 31 or higher

How Long Is Marine OCS?

Marine OCS is just over 10 weeks long.

It is broken into five phases that make up the 10-week course.

Phase lengths:

  • Phase 1 In-Processing:Days 1-4
  • Phase 2 Transition:Week 1-3
  • Phase 3 Adaptation:Week 4-5
  • Phase 4 Decision Making and Execution:Week 6-9
  • Phase 5 Out Processing:Week 10

How Do They Get Assessed?

Three criteria are used to evaluate prospective officers.

Their academic performance, leadership, and physical fitness are assessed.


50% of OCS’s entire concentration is on leadership, making it the organization’s principal focus

Staff observation and hands-on training are used in Command Evaluations, Leadership Reaction Courses, and Small Unit Leadership Evaluations to assess Marines.

These chances concentrate on decision-making, communication, delegation, and command presence.

marine ocs acceptance rate


25% of a student’s evaluation will be focused on their academic performance.

Military academic themes include Land Navigation and Marine Corps History. Written tests and practical applications are used for evaluations.

Physical fitness

Even though it only makes up 25% of the test overall, physical fitness is incredibly difficult and demanding.

Through a variety of physical training exercises, future officers are required to develop their willpower, physical bravery, and drive.

Hikes, courses, circuits, and the Combat Fitness Test are some examples of these applications.

Exercises that are specific to this exercise include 4-to 9.3-mile treks, a 2.5-mile endurance course, an obstacle course of 100 meters, pugil stick training, and more.

What Duties Do Officers in the Marine Corps Have?

Above all, Marine Corps officers have a leadership responsibility, and Character, selflessness, resiliency, and courage are instilled in them.

Every officer will have law, air, or ground as their major MOS.

They might be in charge of things like organizing work activities, preparing training, and administrative document control in that profession.

Following their first tour, they will work in professions unrelated to MOS, like recruiting.

How Can One Reach Marine OCS?

You must be commissioned before the age of 28 and be at least 20 years old to be eligible for Marine Corps OCS.

You must be a citizen of the United States and hold a four-year college degree, or be almost done with one.

For prospective Marine officers to join the Marine Corps, they must fulfill the standard physical and health criteria.

An Officer Selection Officer (OSO), who will assist you with the full application and entry criteria, will meet with those who aspire to become Marine Corps officers.

In addition, their GPA, SAT/ACT results, and application must be submitted for board evaluation.

A letter of interest, letters of recommendation, details about extracurricular activities, and the Marine Corps Physical Fitness (PFT) score will all be included with the application. Information from your visit to MEPS will be included in the application.

You will either be accepted for the next open class, have your admittance to the subsequent open class postponed, or be denied after the information is sent in and the review board meets.

To become a marine officer, click this link for easy application.

What Does Marine OCS Teach?

Marines are trained to be capable leaders in all circumstances.

The Marine Corps Martial Arts Program, Marine Corps history and policy, problem-solving techniques, negotiating, and stress management are among the things they are taught.

Over the course of ten weeks, officers receive instruction in Small Unit Leadership Evaluation, which assesses people’s moral, intellectual, and physical growth.

Candidates are processed into the institution during the first several days of Marine OCS. This includes receiving their gear, having their medical and administrative records processed, and being assigned to a training company.

During this period, aspiring officers will also study fundamental military protocol and take the Initial Physical Fitness Test.

Phase two comprises Weeks 1-3.

In addition to participating in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program and learning about leadership and Marine culture, officers will take general military courses.

It is said that the first three weeks are the most taxing on the body and the mind.

Cops will start getting evaluated during the weeks four and five.

Officer responsibilities are enhanced at this period, which is known as period Three Adaptation.

They will cover leadership emphasis, basic tactical training, and land navigation.

The weeks six through nine comprise the fourth phase.

Leadership exercises and the capacity to demonstrate tactical knowledge in a field setting will be used to evaluate Marines.

After Marine OCS, What happens?

Marines who complete OCS receive a commission as Second Lieutenants and go to The Basic School.

Additionally situated in Quantico, Virginia, is the Basic School.

This training session will focus on developing leadership abilities and enhancing commanders’ capacity to fight wars.

Six months are allotted for Basic School.

They will become proficient riflemen after learning advanced fighting techniques and martial arts. Following The Basic School, officers will go through training specific to their law enforcement, aviation, or ground MOS.

The MOS chosen will determine the different training times and locations.


What qualifications are needed to be a Marine OCS member?

You must be a citizen of the United States, be between the ages of 20 and 28, and possess a four-year degree in order to be eligible for Marine Officer School. High requirements for medical and physical fitness must also be met.

What level does an OCS candidate belong to?

Unless they had already attained a higher rank as an enlisted member, a Marine Corps OCS applicant ranks as an E-5 for pay purposes.

What occurs in the event that a Marine OCS candidate fails?

You might just be told to go home, depending on the reason. Nevertheless, depending on how fit a candidate you were prior to the accident, you might be given the chance to return if you were hurt during training and are unable to finish the program.

Is boot camp easier than OCS?

Although Marines’ boot camp is shorter, the physical demands of OCS are greater, and you will be held to higher standards as a leader. Boot camp teaches obedience, whereas OCS demands more assertive leadership.

How many OCS members leave the Marine Corps each year?

It is estimated that 25% of male candidates and 50% of female candidates drop out of the Marine Corps OCS.


A 10-week program called Marine OCS is offered in Quantico, Virginia, to aspiring Marine Corps officers.

Future officers will acquire leadership skills through assessments of their mental, physical, and educational conditions after fulfilling all entry requirements.

OCS is regarded as an extremely challenging course, requiring strength and tenacity to finish.

Marines proceed to The Basic School following OCS and then complete MOS training.

There are some similarities between it and the Army’s OCS and other officer training programs, but this leadership school is unlike any other.

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