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Oxford Acceptance Rate for International Students – Everything you need to know

For many students, applying to Oxford University is a dream because of its illustrious reputation and excellent academic program. Oxford, one of the Russell Group universities, is consistently rated among the top 5 universities in the world.

Nevertheless, Oxford has a low undergraduate acceptance rate and Oxford Acceptance Rate for International Students is also low and this makes it has a very competitive admissions process.

The admissions procedure, variables influencing acceptance rates, Oxford’s overall acceptance rate, acceptance rates per course, and strategies to increase your chances of receiving an offer from Oxford are all covered in our comprehensive guide.

Oxford University’s Admissions Process

The holistic undergraduate admissions procedure used by Oxford University assesses candidates on the basis of their extracurricular activities, academic record, reference letters, admission exam results, and Oxbridge personal statement.

Oxford does not use a centralized application process, compared to many other universities across the world.

It recognizes the UCAS application process used in the UK, and admissions are managed separately by each Oxford College. Remember that acceptance rates vary from university to university.

Even with open applications, applicants apply to individual colleges rather than the university as a whole. You can read more on the Oxbridge application guide as it has more information.

Students who are accepted into a specific college have access to all of Oxford’s resources and amenities.

Colleges can hire students according to their requirements thanks to its admissions process.

Oxford Acceptance Rate for international students

Why Is the University of Oxford’s Acceptance Rate Important?

Oxford’s low acceptance rate reveals how difficult it is to secure a spot at the institution.

In comparison to other UK universities, applicants can gauge how difficult it is to get into Oxford by looking at the acceptance rate.

For instance, if the acceptance rate is approximately 10%, it indicates that just one applicant out of every ten is given a spot.

Higher education institutions with lower admission rates are typically seen as more esteemed and exclusive. This is due to the fact that a lower acceptance rate suggests that a college can afford to be more selective about who it accepts.

Conversely, a high acceptance rate indicates that more students are necessary for the university to stay financially viable.

In addition to its high admission standards, the University of Oxford’s low acceptance rate demonstrates its preference for smaller class sizes. Teachers are able to deal with exceptional students more effectively in this way.

Factors Affecting Acceptance Rates in Oxford

Oxford’s acceptance rate are influenced by a number of factors each year. Among the primary causes are:

  • Number of applicants: Acceptance rates always decline as the annual number of applications rises. the reason is that Oxford has a certain amount of places to offer.
  • Course popularity: Because there are more candidates, more popular courses typically have lower acceptance rates. Applications for in-demand courses with promising career paths are higher.
  • Academic readiness of applicants: In order to uphold Oxford’s strict academic requirements, acceptance rates may decrease if applicants have outstanding academic credentials in a particular year.
  • Strategic planning: In order to satisfy goals for international students application, gender equality, and students from underrepresented backgrounds, Oxford may change its admission rates.
  • Funding availability: Financial aid and scholarship availability affects acceptance rates, particularly for international students.

oxford acceptance rate for international students

Acceptance Rate in Oxford

The acceptance rate at Oxford University is generally quite low, ranging from 13% to 15%. According to the most recent admission report, Oxford’s undergraduate acceptance rate in 2022 was 13.73%. 23819 applications were submitted to Oxford, and 3271 applicants were accepted with a spot.

However, admission rates for UK and international students, as well as between colleges and courses, differ significantly.

In 2022, Oxford University accepted 17.82% of applications from applicants in the UK. This is higher than the average rate.

It is, however, well below the Russell Group average.

Oxford Acceptance Rate for International Students

Every year, 38–40% of applicants to Oxford are foreign students. The percentage of international students at Oxford is about 20%.

Oxford is a highly sought-after university by students, yet the majority of international applicants are being turned away due to the rigorous admissions requirements.

Consequently, Oxford’s acceptance rate for international students is far lower than that of UK candidates.  Oxford University’s acceptance rate for international students in 2022 was just 7.30%.

The Things That Affect Your Prospects of Getting into Oxford

Oxford takes into account a number of characteristics for each applicant, despite having a low overall admission rate:

  • Academic Achievements

Outstanding secondary school and previous degree academic results. It’s imperative to perform well in preparatory courses. A*A*A* in relevant A-Level subjects is the usual requirement for admission.

  • After-school Activities and Leadership

Involvement in volunteer work, community service, internships, work experience, and extracurricular activities.

Positions of leadership in clubs, sports, student organizations, and other projects.

Interviews are one way to assess these talents.

  • personal statement and Reference Letter

A strong personal essay that emphasizes your abilities, passions, and suitability for the chosen field of study. Strong reference letters from teachers and mentors that attest to your aptitude and suitable for Oxford

  • Examinations for Admission

Course-specific admission examinations, such as PAT, LNAT, BMAT, UCAT, and so forth, are required for the majority of courses.


With an acceptance percentage of 13.73% overall, Oxford University admissions is very hard. You can, however, take certain steps to improve your application and increase the likelihood that you will be admitted.

To stand out with your Oxbridge application, concentrate on your outstanding academic record, get involved in extracurricular activities, and craft a compelling personal essay.

If you find this post helpful and you are interested in other international universities acceptance rate, you can check our websites for more information.


What Is Oxford University’s Acceptance Rate?

Oxford University’s current acceptance rate is 13.73%.

Why Is the Acceptance Rate for Oxford So High?

Oxford places more of an emphasis on one-on-one work with students and smaller groups in its courses. Although they only accept a limited number of students, more applications are submitted each year.

Is It Difficult to Get into Oxford?

It’s really challenging. Only 13 out of 100 applications are accepted each year to Oxford.

Is It Difficult For An International Student To Get Into Oxford?

International students have far lower acceptance rates than the national norm and this is just 7.30% .

Can a Typical Student Attend Oxford?

Average students have very little chance. In disciplines relevant to the A-Levels, over 60% of admitted students have three A* marks.

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