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Stanford Grad School Acceptance Rate

Stanford University is well known for its distinguished academics and graduate programs. Being among the best universities in the world, it draws students from all over the world who are looking for higher learning and intellectual development. This thorough guide will give you important information on stanford grad school acceptance rate, the academic requirements, the application procedure, and how to write a strong personal statement if you’re thinking about applying to Stanford Graduate School.

For the class of 2025, the acceptance rate at Stanford University is 3.95%. Out of the 55,471 applicants for admission to Stanford University in 2022, only 2,190 students were given admission offers. These admissions statistics show that Stanford’s selection standards are higher than they have ever been. Stanford’s trends in acceptance rates also demonstrate the university’s preference for a diverse and ethnically diverse student body. There are 12% more overseas students in the class of 2025 than there were in the prior batch (9.9%). Additionally, the number of countries represented increased from 56 to 72.

Undergraduate Acceptance Rate at Stanford University

Among the best colleges in the world with the lowest acceptance rates is Stanford University. This was not how the situation was earlier. Historical records show that 31% of the 8,025 applicants for the class of 1978 were admitted by Stanford University. The early acceptance rate at Stanford University is currently 9%. The acceptance rate gradually tightened as the quantity of applications increased and the caliber of education improved.

The number of applicants and students accepted to Stanford University each year are as follows:

Year Total Applicants Accepted Students
2025 55,471 2,190
2024 45,227 2,349
2023 47,498 2,062
2022 47,451 2,071
2021 44,073 2,085
2020 43,997 2,118
2019 42,497 2,140
2018 42,167 2,145
2017 38,828 2,208
2016 36,632 2,423

Stanford Grad School Acceptance Rate

Stanford University reported 9,292 graduate students enrolled across its 7 colleges as of the autumn quarter of 2021. These graduate students make about 57% of the university’s overall enrollment. Stanford grad school acceptance rate for master’s programs is 15.3%, while that of PhD applicants is 9.2%.

According to the schools, Stanford University’s graduate admittance rate is as follows:

School Acceptance Rate
Stanford Graduate School of Business 12%
School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences 4%
Graduate School of Education 3%
School of Engineering 36%
School of Humanities and Sciences 24%
School of Law 7%
School of Medicine 14%

Below are the admission figures for the MS programs at Stanford University:

Year Stanford University MS Acceptance Rate
2022 8%
2021 6%
2020 9%

At Stanford University, there are currently about 16,000 students enrolled in bachelors, masters, doctorate, and professional programs. In 2021, women made up 51% of all enrolled students at Stanford University, while men made up 49%. Among these students, 11% are international applicants from 72 different nations.

stanford grad school acceptance rate

Stanford Medical School Acceptance Rate

Admission to the MD program at Stanford University School of Medicine is open to individuals from various academic backgrounds and nations. Below are the admissions data for Stanford University School of Medicine, including the acceptance rate by major:

Major Applicants Acceptance Rate
Physical Science 4,937 47.7%
Math and Statistics 344 47.3%
Humanities 1,678 46.4%
Biological Science 30,693 40.6%
Social Sciences 5,001 39.8%
Specialized Health Sciences 1,964 36.7%

Fortunately, the university’s student population is growing quickly beyond 2020, despite the institution’s recent exceptionally high admission rate. Students that provide acceptable supporting documentation and have a GPA of 3.96/4.0 (95–100%) have a good probability of being admitted to Stanford University.

Getting Ready for the Application

It is crucial to comprehend the prerequisites and standards established by Stanford University before beginning the application process. Even though there may be competition for admission, being well-prepared can greatly increase your chances of being accepted.

It is crucial to take into account each aspect of the admissions process when putting up your Stanford University application. Your fitness for admission is determined by a number of factors, such as your leadership abilities, extracurricular activities, and academic standards.

stanford grad school acceptance rate

Required Application Documents

You must submit the completed application form and any other supporting paperwork on the school official website when applying. This usually consists of official transcripts, results from standardized tests, recommendation letters, and, occasionally, a curriculum vitae or resume. To prevent any errors or omissions in your application, make sure you carefully go over the requirements for each program.

Transcripts from the official office are a must for your application. They give a synopsis of your academic history and show that you can succeed in a demanding academic setting. Don’t forget to give enough time for processing when requesting your transcripts.

Applications to graduate schools frequently need the results of standardized tests, such the GRE or GMAT. These results give admissions committees a uniform gauge of your academic aptitude and can be used to assess your likelihood of succeeding in their program. Setting up enough time for test preparation and scheduling the exam early enough to make the application deadline are crucial.

Recommendation letters are very important during the application process. They shed light on your personality, skills, and future prospects as a graduate student. Choose people who are familiar with you and can attest to your academic and professional abilities as recommends. It’s best to get in touch with those who recommend you as soon as possible and let them know all the details and due dates.

A curriculum vitae or resume could be needed in some situations as part of your application. An overview of your school history, professional background, research endeavors, publications, and other noteworthy accomplishments are included in this paper. Spend some time updating and customizing your CV to showcase your most noteworthy achievements and accomplishments.

You may make sure that you submit a comprehensive and well-prepared package by carefully going over and comprehending the essential documents for your application. Observe any particular formatting requirements or other files that the application may ask for.


Your chances of getting accepted to Stanford Graduate School will increase if you adhere to this thorough guide. You can have a life-changing graduate experience at one of the most prestigious universities in the world by being aware of Stanford’s prestige, being well-prepared, and creating strong application materials.

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