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What is Bida Polytechnic Cut Off Mark in 2023

Bida polytechnic cut off mark for UTME is 140 and above, and the post -UTME, applicants are expected to meet up at least 50% score. If you would love to know the departmental cut off mark at Bida polytechnic, this article will be your ultimate guide.

Bida polytechnic cut off mark

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Bida Polytechnic, located in Niger State, Nigeria, is renowned for providing quality education in various technical and vocational fields. As students aspire to join this esteemed institution, one crucial aspect they must consider is the Bida Polytechnic Cut Off Mark, a key determinant in the admission process.

This article aims to shed light on the significance of cut-off marks, the factors influencing them, and the general admission process at Bida Polytechnic.

Understanding Bida Polytechnic Cut Off Mark

Bida Polytechnic Cut off mark serve as a benchmark that prospective students must meet or exceed to be eligible for admission into the institution. These marks are determined by the institution and are based on several factors, including the number of available spaces, the competitiveness of the course, and the overall performance of candidates in the entrance examinations.

Below are Bida polytechnic departmental cut off mark:

S/N Programs UTME Cut off mark Post-UTME cut off mark
1 Accountancy 140 50%
2 Architectural Technology 140 50%
3 Banking and Finance 140 50%
4 Building Technology 140 50%
5 Business Administration and Management 140 50%
6 Chemical Engineering Technology 140 50%
7 Computer Engineering 140 50%
8 Computer Science 140 50%
9 Electrical and Electronic Engineering 140 50%
10 Estate Management and Valuation 140 50%
11 Food Technology 140 50%
12 Geological Sciences 140 50%
13 Hospitality Management 140 50%
14 Leisure and Tourism management 140 50%
15 Library and Information Science 140 50%
16 Mechanical Engineering Technology 140 50%
17 Nutrition and Dietetics 140 50%
18 Office Technology and Management 140 50%
19 Quantity Surveying 140 50%
20 Science Laboratory Technology 140 50%
21 Statistics 140 50%
22 Surveying and Geo-Informatics 140 50%

Factors Influencing Bida Polytechnic Cut Off Marks

The following are the factors influencing Bida polytechnic cut off mark

1. Course Demand and Availability

Courses with higher demand often have more competitive cut-off marks and limited spaces in certain programs may result in higher cut-off marks as the institution strives to admit the most qualified candidates.

2. Previous Academic Performance

The historical performance of candidates in previous years’ examinations can influence cut-off marks. If candidates consistently perform well, the cut-off marks may be set higher.

3. Entrance Examination Scores

The performance of candidates in the entrance examination is a significant factor. The institution may set cut-off marks based on the average scores achieved by the candidates.

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4. Admission Quota

Institutions may have specific admission quotas for certain categories, such as indigenes and non-indigenes. This can affect the cut-off marks for these categories differently.

5. Government Policies

Changes in government policies regarding education and admission criteria can also influence cut-off marks.

Bida Polytechnic Cut off Mark for Admission Process

1. Application

Prospective students must first apply to Bida Polytechnic by completing the required application forms within the specified period.

2. Entrance Examination

Candidates are then required to sit for the entrance examination, where their knowledge and skills in relevant subjects are assessed.

3. Release of Results

After the examination, results are released, and candidates can access their scores.

4. Cut Off Mark Announcement

Bida Polytechnic officially announces the cut-off marks for various courses, indicating the minimum scores required for admission.

5. Admission List

Successful candidates who meet or exceed the cut-off marks are included in the admission list.


Understanding the Bida Polytechnic Cut Off Mark is essential for prospective students aiming to secure admission. By comprehending the factors influencing these marks and the general admission process, candidates can better prepare and increase their chances of gaining entry into this reputable institution. It is advisable for aspirants to stay updated on official announcements and guidelines provided by Bida Polytechnic to ensure a smooth and successful admission process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bida polytechnic cut off mark?

The Bida Polytechnic Cut off mark for all courses is 140.


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