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What Is Oxford MBA Acceptance Rate And How To Get In?

Oxford Saïd Business School is a highly sought-after university, now ranked among the best business schools in Europe.

The ideal candidates for an MBA at Saïd Business School, according to Associate Director of MBA Recruitment Racquel Lison, “… want to make an impact in aspects that go far beyond the pure business sense.” Graduates of this MBA program will be able to view corporate challenges and global concerns from fresh angles. It will also improve their capacity for leadership.

Keep reading if you want to develop the qualities of an Oxford Saïd graduate. We’ll discuss the challenges of getting into Oxford, walk you through the process of getting into Oxford business school, and provide you the resources you need to secure a spot at Oxford Saïd Business School including Oxford MBA acceptance rate.

About the Saïd Business School at Oxford

Oxford Saïd Business School “… aspires to be a world-class business school community, embedded in this world-class University, tackling world-scale problems,”

Oxford Saïd is guided by its core ideals, which are mirrored in its student body. The fundamental principles of Oxford Saïd are to be outstanding, transformative, cooperative, courteous, goal-oriented, and entrepreneurial. The institution’s core value is its pursuit of excellence.

The institution wants to foster critical thinking and teamwork in its students. It is encouraged for students to be creative, innovative, and to strive for excellence. Every student is valued, and Saïd works to create a welcoming environment.

Despite not knowing the precise year of its founding, Oxford is regarded as one of the world’s oldest institutions historically. Oxford is now a well-known brand worldwide. It’s possible that you currently have an Oxford English Dictionary on your desk, which was printed by the university press.

The institution is more than just a gorgeous tourist destination framed by film as a historical landmark. The advantages of the Oxford “brand” go beyond appearances; the university is committed to the success and growth of its students.

Oxford Saïd Business School combines a new entrepreneurial energy with the distinguished heritage and stellar reputation of Oxford University. Oxford Saïd is therefore ready to get you ready for the contemporary issues and procedures.

At present, the Saïd Business School in Oxford provides three MBA programs:

  • Oxford MBA: A full-time program lasting a year.
  • Oxford 1+1 MBA: This program provides the option to combine a one-year MBA program with a master’s degree. In the first year of this program, you finish with a master’s degree in the discipline of your choice. You will continue on to the one-year MBA program the following year.
  • Oxford Executive MBA: The final choice is the 22- or 24-month, part-time executive MBA program. This option comprises of 16–18 courses that are scheduled to run about every five weeks to accommodate working students. The duration of these modules is one week.

Oxford mba acceptance rate

Oxford MBA Acceptance Rate

The international recognition of Oxford Saïd Business School generates intense rivalry. According to data from recent years, Oxford MBA Acceptance Rate is 25% that is, about one in four, or 25%, applicants are accepted into the Oxford MBA program.

Try not to focus too much on the acceptance rate, despite the fact that this statistic may appear daunting. Candidates are encouraged to showcase their identities, interests, and objectives during the holistic admissions process.

A global network of varied students is connected through the Oxford MBA program. It is noteworthy that Oxford Saïd has a low ratio of international to domestic students. According to recent data, almost 90 percent of new students were from nations outside than the United Kingdom.

The class profile highlights the diverse student group, each with their own experiences, abilities, and viewpoints. The members of the most recent entering class were:

  • 311 people of 67 different countries,
  • 47% of whom were female students
  • 92% of the pupils are foreigners.
  • five years on average of prior to earning an MBA

There is no predominant nationality in the program due to its multiculturalism. Students who work in varied learning environments gain a global perspective and awareness of the world.

Oxford Saïd Qualifications and Application Process

Meeting the Oxford MBA entry requirements is the first step toward admittance at the highly competitive Oxford Saïd Business School.

Requirements for Oxford MBA Application

Oxford mba acceptance rate

By the deadline you have selected, you must electronically submit an application that satisfies all application requirements. These are the requirements for admission to the Oxford MBA program:

  • Complete academic records, including mark sheets, from a four-year undergraduate program; a one-page CV that highlights your relevant work experience (keep it brief; aim for one page)
  • GMAT or GRE results from the previous five years (the most recent class’s median GMAT score was 680).
  • Under some circumstances, the TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge Certificate (C1 Advanced), and Cambridge Certificate (C2 Proficiency) are acceptable English proficiency tests if you are a citizen of a non-majority English-speaking nation. If the admissions committee determines it is appropriate, a waiver is also permitted.
  • Two academic or professional recommendation letters (professional preferred)
  • A supporting statement
  • An online assessment

Applications are seen in their whole. Your combined qualifications are vital and required. However, you also need to be genuine and present who you really are.

Before applying, candidates to the Oxford MBA program must have at least two years of relevant professional experience. This guarantees that candidates may participate in class, make an impression on employers after completing their MBA, and gain from the leadership development opportunities offered by the program.

You will also be asked about your post-MBA career strategy and asked to explain how Oxford’s MBA program will assist you in realizing your objectives. This comprehension shows that you have done your homework on how an MBA will help you fulfill your career goals in the future.


You should include information in your supporting statement that you did not include in your application. This statement has a word limit of 250.

Assume you are submitting an application for the Oxford 1+1 MBA program. If so, you will have to send in a follow-up answer outlining how the program will help you achieve your professional and personal development objectives. This essay has a word limit of 250 words as well.

In the event that you are reapplying to business school, you will be required to provide a follow-up application that is equivalent in length and that explains the changes you made to your previous Oxford MBA application.



The online assessment questions for the Oxford MBA program consist of two written response questions, two randomized competency-based questions, and two motivation-based questions.

These assessments are used by Oxford Saïd to determine the personality and quickness of thought of each candidate. You can discuss your reasons for applying to MBA programs and why the Oxford MBA program is a good fit for you in the motivation questions.

The competency-based questions give you the chance to highlight the attributes Oxford is seeking in candidates. They involve “decision-making, problem-solving, influence, leadership and strong communication skills.”


After meeting all the prerequisites, the final step before submitting your application is to proofread it for accuracy and completeness before paying the £150 (about $200 USD) application cost.


Your application will be reviewed by the admissions committee when it is submitted. Oxford will let you know whether or not you are selected for an interview after they have made a determination.

You are added to a “short-list” if you are selected for an interview. This indicates that you have satisfied the prerequisites and have been chosen to proceed with the application process.

You should project confidence and authenticity during the interview. Always remember to set yourself apart from the crowd and make an impression. Additionally, you should give a detailed explanation of your motivation for finishing your MBA at Oxford Saïd Business School.

Explain your future goals and how working with Oxford will benefit both sides. Tell the class what value you bring to the table. In what ways might Oxford help you accomplish your career and personal objectives?

It’s imperative that you prepare for your MBA interview. Prepare a few questions for your MBA interviewer by researching frequently requested interview questions.

Admissions to Oxford Management School for International Students

Oxford mba acceptance rate

The majority of applicants in the Oxford MBA class are foreign applicants, and the class profile is incredibly diverse. Now let’s look at how an overseas student can apply to Oxford Business School.

You are required to take an English language competence test if you are a citizen of a nation where English is not the primary language. As previously stated, you are required to take one of the subsequent exams:

  • Cambridge Certificate (C1 Advanced)
  • Cambridge Certificate (C2 Proficiency)

You must meet the following minimal scores and attach your score to your Saïd business school application in order for it to be evaluated.

TOEFL – 110

  • Each component: Listening – 22; Reading – 24; Writing – 24; Speaking – 25

IELTS – 7.5

  • Each component – 7.0

Cambridge Certificate (C1 Advanced) – 191

  • Each component – 185

Cambridge Certificate (C2 Proficiency) – 191

  • Each component – 185

Unfortunately, your application will not be taken into consideration by the Oxford Saïd MBA program if you do not meet the minimal scores mentioned above.

English language competence tests are waived for the Oxford business degree if you are enrolled in one of the following degree-level courses at this time:

  • Full-time
  • a minimum of nine months in duration
  • a reputable university with English-language instruction and evaluation completed within two years of the commencement date of the MBA program of your choice

If you fit certain requirements for professional experience, you may also be eligible for a waiver.

Transcripts are an important consideration for international applicants; if your undergraduate transcripts are not in English, you may need to translate them in order to apply for the Oxford Business degree.

The Best Advice for Applicants to Oxford Saïd Business School

Since there is a lot of competition, you should make every effort to strengthen your MBA application and increase your chances of being accepted.

Oxford mba acceptance rate

In addition to fulfilling the standards, there are a few other things you may do to make the most impression on the other applicants. Now let’s examine a few of the best strategies for getting into Oxford University.

Write Strong Admissions Essays

Make sure your responses to the MBA essay questions properly address your motivation for wanting to finish your degree at Oxford.

Admissions won’t be interested in a generic application. Being overly general may cause your application to have obvious issues. Nothing would be worse than utilizing the incorrect school name when copying and pasting comments you have already used from other schools.

The most effective MBA essays showcase your genuine self. To demonstrate why you are the greatest fit, do your homework on the course and the institution.

Acquire Strong Recommendation Letters

People who know you personally and with whom you have worked should write your recommendation letters.

If you work for a smaller firm or for someone else in a high-ranking job, it could be alluring to get a letter from the CEO of your present company. You may get an average response if the person does not know you as well as those who deal with you more closely.

Your application will be enhanced with a well-written letter from someone who is well familiar with you and your abilities.

Reach out to Current Students

Should you be sincere about applying to Oxford’s Saïd Business School, pay them a visit to experience the academic environment and culture. As an alternative, you could get in touch with present pupils.

The distance can make it difficult to be an international student, but you can still have fun when you visit. Oxford is currently holding Virtual Open Days to increase the school’s accessibility for overseas students.

The web page states that participants in this webinar would be able to “… look at artistic and cultural artifacts, structures, traditions that have been created and collected in Oxford, enabling an approach to leadership learning available only at Oxford Saiid.”

Get Ready for the Interview

Getting as ready as you can for your interview is still another piece of advice. While maintaining your professionalism, you also want to come out as fascinating and real. This implies that you might not want to tell the interviewer the hilarious stories from your friendships.

Admit your shortcomings and explain how you plan to go past them while highlighting your advantages. Remember what specifically sets Oxford’s MBA program apart from other institutions for you when submitting your application.

Ideally, you should highlight how your acceptance would help the organization and you personally.

FAQs for Applying to Oxford Business School

Saïd Business School in Oxford can be a challenging place to apply. However, in order to make this procedure as simple as possible, we’ve put up a number of questions and answers.

How is the Oxford MBA program structured?

The Saïd Oxford MBA program follows Oxford University’s three terms plus an extra summer term, running for a year from September to September.

It will be expected of you to finish the core courses in order to advance your knowledge of leadership and business principles. Once the foundational courses are finished, you can work on projects and select electives to customize your MBA experience to your goals and interests.

In what range should my GMAT results be? If my GMAT results are below the 680 class average, how tough will it be for me to get into Oxford?

Although the Saïd Business School at Oxford would accept any score, applicants are advised to aim for a GMAT score of 650 or higher.

At this time, Oxford is not waiving the GMAT or GRE requirement for applicants. The Oxford MBA accepts applications in a comprehensive manner. Thus, while having a high GMAT score does not ensure admittance, having a lesser score does not always mean you have no chance of getting in.

It is advised that applicants submit their GRE applications with a verbal and quantitative score of 160 or higher.

How does the online exam work?

Once your application has been submitted, you can register with Kira Talent to take the online assessment. Before the application deadline for the cycle you applied for, you can finish your online assessment at any time.

Although the answers to these questions are not right or wrong, the assessment’s goal is to draw from previously developed responses without being unduly polished. These video tests demonstrate how well you can respond to questions spontaneously while showcasing your unique personality.

You can practice for as long as you like. Before the tests go online, use this opportunity to practice until you feel confident in your ability to respond to the questions. You cannot go back and redo the evaluation once you begin.

Are there any scholarships offered for a business degree from Oxford?

Scholarships can be obtained from outside donors, Oxford University and its Colleges, or Saïd Business School. To optimize your chances, it is advised that you apply for scholarships as soon as possible.

The only prerequisite for the majority of these scholarships is a regular course application, but make sure you review the specific requirements for each grant. If you fit the eligibility conditions, you can be given automatic consideration for scholarships.

Do I have to go to Oxford for the interview if I’m chosen for one?

You will be invited to Oxford to see the school and get to know the faculty and current students if you are selected for an interview. You may also choose to have interviews at particular places throughout various nations; this option will be indicated in your invitation.

If I didn’t get accepted into the Oxford MBA program during a previous application cycle, can I apply again?

It is possible for you to reapply to the Saïd Business School in Oxford. Let’s look at how an applicant can get into Oxford University.

You must include a brief explanation of how you have improved your application and candidacy since your previous application in addition to your supporting statement. It is required that you submit a completely new application, rather than using the one you previously used.

How would my employment prospects be after earning my MBA?

Excellent prospects will become available to you upon completion of your MBA. The employment rate for graduates increased to 95% in previous years’ employment reports.

Regarding the sectors in which MBA graduates were most likely to obtain employment, the worldwide industry accounted for 40.5% of all occupations that job-seeking students found. The other professions in which graduates had the highest chances of finding employment were finance (30.8%), consulting (16.8%), and impact careers (11.9%).


The Saiid Business School admissions procedure in Oxford may seem daunting. But you can increase your chances of getting accepted if you’ve had prior experience and the appropriate amount of preparation.

Make sure you fulfill all professional and experience requirements, as well as obtaining two recommendation letters. Make sure to customize your evaluation to catch the attention of the admissions committee at Oxford Saiid Business School, and be sincere in your remarks.

Always remember to apply with integrity and intelligence, keeping in mind your personal and professional ambitions. You may put your best foot forward or, better yet, be accepted to the business school of your dreams by using the tactics this article outlines.

we hope we’ve been able to answer all your questions? If you find this post helpful and you are interested in other international universities acceptance rate, you can check our websites for more information.








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