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What is St George Medical School Acceptance Rate?

Overview (St George Medical School Acceptance Rate)

St George’s is located in Tooting, a vibrant, cosmopolitan neighborhood in southwest London. This gives you the best of both worlds: it’s close enough to all the attractions of central London, yet it’s yet tiny enough to preserve a cozy, neighborhood feel. Living in one of the world’s most vibrant cities can provide you with all the benefits without the expense!

One of the biggest teaching hospitals in the United Kingdom, St George’s Hospital, is home to St George’s Medical School. With just biomedical and healthcare degrees available, the university is singularly focused in the healthcare sciences. Students will be able to study in a multidisciplinary clinical setting among students from all different backgrounds in the healthcare industry, which will help them develop a deeper understanding of what it means to collaborate with others. Along with GP and community visits, St George’s offers experiential learning that begins with practical classes in anatomy, dissection, and pathology labs. Clinical assignments start in your first year of study, making early patient contact an important component of the curriculum.

The UCAT results are used by St George’s to select students for interviews. Candidates who meet the minimal academic standards and have a high UCAT score are probably going to be asked for an interview.

There’s a large bar on campus that holds regular band and club nights, trivia nights, and movie and sports screenings. In addition, there are multiple counseling and welfare rooms, a dance studio, a music room, a gaming area, and a café. Numerous student-run sports teams exist, and their goal is to offer the greatest selection of recreational and social opportunities.

Course Information

  • Method of teaching

You gain a comprehensive understanding of clinical science over the first two years, since clinical work is introduced through brief community rotations at the start of the first year. In year three, the emphasis changes from lecture-based study to more problem-based learning, along with your first hospital rotations.

  • Duration of course: five years
  • BSC: Yes but optional
  • At the BSc level, intercalation is optional between years 3 and 4.
  • Courses offered

There are two courses offered:

A100 Five years of Standard Entry Medicine

A101 Four-year Graduate Entry Medicine

  • Entry level graduate: Yes

St George Medical School Acceptance Rate

St George medical school acceptance rate is extremely competitive, despite being a well rated medical school. Depending on the volume and caliber of applications, St. George’s medical school admissions requirements can change from year to year. However, the institution states that because there are only a limited number of spots available and they receive a large number of applications year, it is crucial for applicants to have a solid academic record, to show that they have relevant work experience, and to have outstanding interpersonal and communication skills. In order to be considered for the medical field, applicants must also do well in the interview phase. All things considered, getting into St. George’s medical school is difficult, but it is achievable with the correct credentials and abilities.

st george medical school acceptance rate

What are the requirements for St. George’s Medical School admission?

Depending on the program of study, St. George’s Medical School has different admission requirements. Strong communication and interpersonal skills are usually required, along with outstanding grades in science courses like biology, chemistry, and physics, for applicants. Volunteering in healthcare settings and having relevant job experience are also preferred.


  • GCSEs: Five GCSEs at least, with math, science, and English language proficiency in Grade 6.
  • AAA: All qualifications (except GCSEs) must have been obtained within the last five years in order to be eligible for this program. Level A: Biology and Chemistry are included in AAA
  • Retakes are not permitted.
  • IB: 36 points

Only the Full Award Diploma is accepted by us. Total: 36, with 18 Higher Level points, including 66 in Chemistry and Biology. If GCSEs have not been taken, a minimum of 5 in math and English is required at the standard level.

  • Bachelor’s Degree (Only for Graduates)

2:1 Degree with Honors

Your degree must have been given within the last five years in order for you to be eligible for this program. 2.1 Honors minimum required in any subject.

  • UCAT are required as the UCAT score is used to rank the post-interview waiting list and create an interview shortlist. There must be a minimum of 500 in each section.

Note: Click here to apply to any medical school of your choice, using UCAS.

What kind of interview process is there at St George’s Medical School?

The purpose of the interview procedure at St George’s Medical School is to evaluate a candidate’s academic and personal fit for the course. Typically, the interview process consists of several mini-interviews (MMIs) to evaluate a variety of skills like communication, empathy, problem-solving, and ethical reasoning.

What distinguishes St. George’s from other medical schools?

First of all, St. George’s was the first college to offer a medical study program for graduates. This was an innovative concept at the time, allowing four years to pass faster for graduates of other programs, such as English literature or biomedical sciences, to enter the medical field. The university’s rich past is on display everywhere, and it continues to influence the way courses are structured.

Second, St George’s is still one of the few hospitals in London that is still ingrained in the local community. For more than thirty years, Tooting and other areas of South London have grown up around St George’s Trust, and the hospital has changed to always represent the people who make up the unique community. Students can take advantage of this and conduct “Community Visits” on a regular basis as part of their medical education to get to know a variety of patients.

st george medical school acceptance rate

Conclusion (St George Medical School Acceptance Rate)

St. George’s offers Graduate-Entry students numerous early chances to obtain clinical experience. ‘Community Visits,’ which combine academic instruction with pertinent real-world patient problems, are often held even though the first year is not a placement year. Students can practice taking histories, empathetic patient care, and effective communication throughout these sessions.

In contrast to most medical schools, St George’s exposes first-year graduate-entry students to general practice running and patients in the Tooting region by placing them on a part-time, biweekly GP placement. Students receive guidance from general practitioners on how to take guided histories and interact with patients in an appropriate manner. In the first year of education, medical professionals’ evaluations of students are crucial for future skill development.

FAQs (St George Medical School Acceptance Rate)

Does St George’s offer dissection?

Dissection Room lessons serve as instructional supplements for the anatomy curriculum. Graduates enrolled in non-clinical teaching are eligible to use them once a week prior to COVID-19.

Does St George’s offer a BSc? If so, how is the BSc year?

Beginning this year, St. George’s provides Graduate-Entry Medics with the option to complete an intercalated MSc year at the hospital in addition to other University options.

What are the career prospects for graduates of St George’s Medical School?

Employers in the medical field greatly value graduates of St George’s Medical School. Numerous graduates pursue careers as physicians, researchers, or other healthcare workers. A number of graduates go on to work in academia or the pharmaceutical sector.

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