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Air Force OTS Acceptance Rate

Enlisted individuals and officers are divided into two groups by the US Air Force. In the USAF, enlisted personnel are entry-level roles that often require only a high school degree. Officers, on the other hand, are meant to be in positions of leadership and have four-year college degrees.

Joining the Air Force Officer Training School (OTS) is the initial step towards becoming a commissioned officer in the United States Air Force.

Check out our comprehensive guide for the Air Force OTS acceptance rate and other admission requirements.

What is the Officer Training School (OTS) of the Air Force?

The first course of study for prospective USAF commissioned officers is the Air Force Officer Training School (OTS).

In Montgomery, Alabama, at the Maxwell Air Force Base, there is an officer training program.

The demanding program comprises four training phases and lasts for nine weeks.

In addition to honing their leadership abilities, recruits for the Air Force Officer Training School undergo physical and mental testing. In order to prepare recruits, Air Force OTS focuses on important topics like:

  • Studies of Leadership
  • Expertise in Communication Capabilities
  • Military Academics
  • Domain Headship

To prepare prospective officers, the USAF course offers lectures, guided discussions, classroom exercises, field leadership exercises, and after-hours training sessions.

During their training, recruits reside in a complex comprising academic buildings, auditoriums, dormitories, cafeteria facilities, a physical exercise center, and athletic fields at Maxwell AFB.

Air Force commissioned officers get ready to report as Second Lieutenants (O-1).

Many officers pursue further training to concentrate on specializations such as piloting, navigation, space and missile operations, or other areas after completing Air Force OTS.

What is the Air Force OTS acceptance rate?

Whether you’re applying to be a non-flying officer or a rated (flying) officer can affect the approval rate. Air Force OTS acceptance rate range from 10% to 65%.

With a 3.2 GPA or above, applicants who perform well in college are more likely to be accepted by the Air Force.

Basic Air Force OTS Requirements

There are four different paths to commission as an officer in the US.

  • Attending Air Force Officer Training School (OTS) is the first and most common method. But you can only enroll in Air Force OTS if you have a four-year college degree.
  • The second option available to aspiring officers is to enroll in the Colorado Springs, United States Air Force Academy. The Air Force Academy is a fantastic choice, but admission is extremely competitive and needs congressional support. The government pays all of the costs associated with providing a top-notch education to students who attend the Air Force Academy.
  • Third, you can participate in AFROTC during your collegiate career. Tuition support is a benefit of the Air Force ROTC program, but it is only available to students who are enrolled in college or who are considering it.
  • The United States Air Force is the last option, where you can enlist and advance through the ranks until you become a commissioned officer. Take note that in order to be eligible for commission, this final choice also requires a four-year degree. But this is made feasible by the educational privileges that come with joining the Air Force, like tuition support.

air force ots acceptance rate

Basic requirements

You can fulfill the requirements for OTS in an alternate manner, but the Air Force demands a four-year college degree. Please ensure that you fulfill the following basic requirements before considering applying to the Air Force Officer Training School (OTS):

  • Between the ages of 18-39.
  • A citizen of the United States.
  • At least a bachelor’s degree from a recognized college.

Specialty military jobs such as law, medicine, and healthcare do have slightly distinct qualifications within the USAF.

For further information on the particular criteria for Officer Training School, you can check on the school official website or get in touch with a local Air Force recruiter.

Officer responsibilities in the Air Force

Like other uniformed branches, the United States Air Force has high expectations for its commissioned officers. Leaders such as Air Force Officers get intensive training at OTS in order to be ready for that critical role. Leaders oversee subordinates and have to make tough choices, some of which put lives in danger.

As a result, Air Force OTS gives prospective officers the instruments and materials need to develop into just and efficient leaders.

The lowest ranking officer position in the USAF, Second Lieutenant (O-1) is awarded to graduates of Air Force Officer Training School.

Officers in the Air Force can choose to focus on careers such as:

  • Pilots
  • Navigators
  • Space, Missile, and Command and Control
  • Intelligence
  • Logistics
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Health and Medicine
  • Law Enforcement
  • Future Technologies

Becoming an Air Force Officer comes with more responsibilities but also with better pay and benefits.

How do you get to Air Force OTS?

The Air Force Officer Training School (OTS) aims to instill in aspiring officers a high level of behavior.

The leaders of the armed forces, known as Air Force Officers, require the education and training necessary to oversee other military personnel. Evaluations are given to prospective officers based on their academic prowess, moral character, and leadership potential.

But before you can begin training, you have to fulfill the requirements and go through the same procedure as other new hires.

It is the deliberate design of the selection process to ensure that you possess the necessary qualities to become an officer.

You must first pass the Air Force Officer Qualification Test, or AFOQT. The multiple-choice test covers a wide range of subjects, from math and verbal skills to questions about your chosen field or fields of interest.

The Air Force Qualifying Test may only be taken twice, so be careful to study and get ready.

Second, you have to clear a military entrance processing station’s medical and psychological examination (MEPS). You can make an appointment for an MEPS exam with an Air Force recruiter.

Through Air Force Recruiting Services or Officer Training School Selection, the Air Force examines each and every application for an officer.

To determine which individuals are best suited for Air Force Officer Training School, each committee examines applicants.

Reviews by the Air Force selection boards are not regularly conducted. Thus, to ensure that there are no delays in getting to Officer Training School (OTS), make sure you are informed of the dates.

Lastly, as you complete the application procedure and wait for board approval, you must begin preparing for Air Force OTS.

After being approved, candidates can enroll in the Delayed Entry Program and wait to go for Air Force Officer Training School.


Where is OTS carried out?

Aircraft Force The location of OTS is Maxwell Air Force Base. Montgomery, Alabama is the location of Maxwell AFB. Accommodations, food, and entertainment are all normal base services provided by the Air Force base. Depending on your specialty, you might need to undergo further training at another Air Force base after completing Officer Training School.

What occurs if I don’t pass the Air Force OTS?

If an officer candidate is admitted into Officer Training School but does not pass the course, they typically have two options.

The trainee is assigned to another military unit for service if they are not dismissed for not meeting military requirements.

On the other hand, the officer in training is eligible for military dismissal if they were removed from the program due to their inability to satisfy military requirements.

What happens after  Air Force OTS?

Even though you should be happy for your success and relish your Air Force OTS graduation, your work is frequently far from over.

Depending on their specialization, a large number of Air Force Officer Training School (OTS) graduates continue on to further training.

For instance, before reporting for full duty, Air Force pilots must complete additional coursework and training.

Regardless, upon successful completion of Air Force OTS, you will be classified as a Second Lieutenant (O-1).


One path to becoming a commissioned officer in the USAF is through the Air Force Officer Training School (OTS).

An application to Officer Training School cannot be considered by the Air Force unless you have completed a four-year college degree.

The rigorous nine-week Air Force OTS program helps you improve your leadership abilities.

Your income and perks will increase if you become an Air Force officer, but you will also have to handle enlisted personnel and make many difficult decisions.

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