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Boston University School of Medicine Acceptance Rate

Read on to find out more about Boston University School of Medicine Acceptance Rate, whether you’re comparing medical schools you’ve been admitted to or just want to brush up on your interview skills!


Founded as The New England Female Medical College in 1848, Boston University School of Medicine has a rich and lengthy history spanning 174 years.

Notably, it was the first medical school in the US to train female students and also graduated Rebecca Lee Crumpler, the first female African-American physician.

In 1873, Boston University merged with the New England Female Medical College. The school became the first recognized coeducational medical school in the United States after this merger.

Aside from creating numerous firsts, BUSM established the first hospital specifically devoted to teaching medical students.

The school currently employs 2,052 full-time and part-time faculty members who instruct 727 MD students as well as 895 students pursuing masters and doctoral degrees.

It also offers 600 sponsored research programs and nine pathways for students to earn a medical degree.

The Boston University School of Medicine offers a number of resources, including relationships with 33 hospitals, 19 research centers and institutes, and 29 centers of excellence.

BUSM is home to the Framingham Heart Study in addition to its partnership with the Kaiser Permanente Collaboration.

The 12,745 graduates of Boston University School of Medicine can witness to the fact that overcoming the difficulties and rigors of the program is well worth the opportunity to become a doctor from one of the top medical schools in the country.

Boston University School of Medicine Acceptance Rate

boston university School of Medicine Acceptance Rate

Boston University School of Medicine acceptance rate is 6 %. which shows that 5,24 of the 9,112 applicants to the medical school’s most recent class were accepted to study medicine at BUSM.

Out of the 524 students that were admitted, 174 eventually enrolled at BUSM, yielding an enrollment rate of 33.21%.

According to, 38% of American students who applied to medical schools for the 2021–2022 academic year were admitted into one or more medical schools.

This percentage is based on the 23,711 students who were admitted out of the 62,433 applicants to medical schools nationwide.

In 2020, U.S. News surveyed 121 medical schools and found that, on average, 6.5% of applicants were accepted. The highest acceptance rate was 20.2% at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, and 2.1% at Florida State University.  This suggests that applicants to Boston University School of Medicine will have to contend with somewhat fierce competition in order to get admitted to the school.

This year, Boston University School of Medicine was able to host its first graduation ceremony in person since 2019. At its convocation, the institution granted 318 master’s degrees and 164 medical degrees.

It is evident from these general acceptance and admission figures that Boston University, along with its medical school, are very selective and have the ability to attract the best applicants from throughout the nation.

Boston University Medical School Ranking

boston university School of Medicine ranking

It is not surprising that BUSM is one of the top medical schools in the nation and the world considering its lower-than-average admittance rate. It was ranked 33rd among the world’s best universities for medicine by Times Higher Education in 2018.

The school has also received praise in recent years from US News and World Report. In its assessment for 2023, it placed Boston University School of Medicine 36th among US primary care medical schools and 32nd among research medical schools.

The US News & World Report’s ranking of BUSM as the Best Primary Care Medical School shows a rise of 8 spots from its 2022 ranking.

The medical school’s individual programs are also highly regarded; in 2020, US News and World Report ranked the cardiology program as the eighth best in the country and the tenth best worldwide, and the neuroscience program as the twenty-third best in the country and the forty-fifth best worldwide. Its clinical medicine, psychiatry/psychology, and surgery programs rank among US colleges as the 26th, 25th, and 66th, respectively, which are more noteworthy rankings.

When contemplating medical school, BUSM is an extremely alluring institution for prospective cardiologists and neuroscientists equally.

People who want to specialize in primary care will also be drawn to apply for admission to this well regarded medical school both domestically and internationally.

MCAT Score and GPA Requirements for Boston University Medical School

boston university School of Medicine Acceptance Rate

The lack of precise GPA and MCAT requirements for applicants to Boston University School of Medicine may relieve some people while bothering others.

Rather, the school reviews submissions from prospective physicians using a comprehensive approach.

In order to assess an applicant’s likelihood of success at BUSM, the admissions staff looks at their background as well as their work in fields like science, communications, and customer service.

Although the institution does not specify prerequisites, a review of the 2021 entering class profile indicates that a strong academic record is common among those accepted.

The class’s average MCAT score was 517, while the average GPA was 3.72. Furthermore, 82% of the class was bilingual, and over 31 percent of the incoming students already had master’s degrees.

In addition to their outstanding academic records, applicants to BUSM are assessed on their research and professional background, as well as their personal narratives as presented in their essays, recommendation letters, and interview performances.

Diversity is valued at Boston University School of Medicine, which aims to admit students from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Through the use of a comprehensive evaluation process, BUSM makes sure that, in addition to students with notable academic achievements, it also chooses individuals who have demonstrated excellence in their personal lives and who will contribute a diverse range of viewpoints to their education.

Is BU the Right Choice for Medical School?

boston university School of Medicine Acceptance Rate

Boston University School of Medicine provides enrolled students with numerous demanding and fulfilling possibilities to study medicine, even if selecting an institution is a very personal decision that requires careful consideration of many variables.

As previously established, BUSM oversees the Framingham Heart research, a ground-breaking longitudinal research of heart disease conducted in collaboration with the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.

Many things that are now thought to be general knowledge about heart health are a result of this research. Through its dual degree program, BUSM provides medical students with the chance to obtain additional advanced degrees.

These students have two options: they can pursue a PhD in addition to their MDs, or they can enroll in other dual degree programs to get degrees in business or law.

You can check on Boston university school of medicine official website for more information on their programs.


Due to the school’s exceptional research opportunities, global ranking, and dual-degree programs, many of the best and brightest students will undoubtedly apply to and attend Boston University School of Medicine. However, even though any student with the notable academic, service, and personal background that the school considers accepting would be competitive at most other medical schools across the country.


In order to be admitted to Boston University School of Medicine, what GPA is required?

While there is no minimum GPA needed, individuals with a scientific GPA above 3.5 will be given preference.

Are students from other countries accepted at Boston Medical School?

The Boston University School of Medicine’s Graduate Programs evaluates all applications and admits deserving foreign applicants.

Which medical school accepts students the fastest?

Two of the highest admission rates to medical schools are found at Des Moines University College of Osteopathic Medicine (16%) and Arkansas College of Osteopathic Medicine (25%).

Is pre-medicine at Boston University good?

Strong assistance is provided by Boston University to help you on your undergraduate path to a career in healthcare. Graduates have gone on to have successful careers in a variety of professions, such as public health, dentistry, medicine, physician assisting, nursing, and pharmacy, among others.

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