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CSSSA Acceptance Rate -A Quick Guide 2024

As an applicant, are you trying to get into CSSSA? Continue reading To find out more about the CSSSA acceptance rate, its admission programs, and procedure.


The California State Summer School for the Arts is a demanding, pre-professional, one-month program designed to prepare gifted high school students for careers in the visual and performing arts, creative writing, animation, and film. In a rigorous and stimulating learning atmosphere, CSSSA offers a supportive setting where students can refine skills and experiment with new approaches and concepts. First classes were held in 1987, following the establishment of the institution by the California Legislature. Its objective is to serve as a training ground for aspiring artists who want to work in California’s entertainment and creative sectors. A distinctive public-private partnership provides funding for the state-run California State Summer School for the Arts.

Residents of California who are enrolled in grades nine through twelve are eligible to apply to CSSSA. Twenty students are admitted each year from outside of California; applications are welcome. Based on their aptitude and inventiveness as shown by assignments and teacher recommendations, participants are chosen in the spring. The state’s socioeconomic and racial diversity is reflected in the student body. There is fierce competition for admission. About one in three applicants in most departments were approved during the previous session. Scholars of the California Arts are students who are invited to the institution.

CSSSA Acceptance Rate

CSSSA Acceptance Rate varies and this depends on the programs that are available in the institution. However, the general acceptance rate at CSSSA is 25.3% (2020).

Academic Programs

CSSSA Acceptance Rate

For gifted high school students, the California State Summer School for the Arts (CSSSA) offers a demanding pre-professional training curriculum in the visual and performing arts, creative writing, animation, and film. For a rigorous and engaging learning experience, CSSSA offers a supportive environment where students can refine previously learned skills and experiment with novel approaches and concepts.

Students can apply to study in any one of the seven departments at the school. If they participate successfully, they may receive three units of optional credit from California State University.


In-studio seminars led by accomplished artists in the field allow animation students to study the theory and practices of animation. Renowned guest animators add to the course work in two-dimensional animation, life drawing, movement, and related disciplines. Students get to see animations that highlight the diversity and history of the medium.


By the application deadline, candidates must upload the necessary assignments, complete the online application, and supply the contact details of two instructor recommenders.

  • A single portrait painting or drawing of your preferred artist.
  • A single illustration or painting inspired by the lyrics to the Gorillaz song “Plastic Beach.”
  • A set of five “Plant+Animal Sketches” that highlight your ability to observe and draw in real life.
  • Submit a video clip of an animation you made to show off your grasp of motion. Rotoscoped work should not be sent since it will not be taken into consideration. Your video shouldn’t be more than two minutes.
  • Submit a self-recording video clip.
  • Upload 150-word typed statement.


A demanding dance education program is offered by CSSSA’s Dance Program. Jazz, ballet, modern, and body conditioning mat technique, choreography, and dance history are all heavily emphasized in the program. Students can choose to study pointe and ballet repertory or improvisation and modern repertory.


The following required assignments must be uploaded, together with a completed online application and the contact details of two teacher recommenders.

  • Give a brief introduction of yourself, discussing your background in dance and your goals for joining CSSSA.
  • Warm-up: Perform a two-minute STANDING dance warm-up that demonstrates how to get your body ready for dancing.
  • Performance/Choreography: Give a performance of one or two pieces that you have choreographed yourself or that you have learned from another choreographer, no more than two minutes in total.
  • If you tap, kindly upload a tap video that is no more than a minute long. Students at CSSSA are not required to use Tap. Depending on the number of interested students, Tap may or may not be offered at CSSSA 2024.


Students studying film will be involved in the entire process of making a film, get training in theory and film production from academics with experience in the business. Students will produce brief pieces both on their own and alongside classmates. In order to further enhance each student artist’s experience at CSSSA, the program will also include department field trips, private screenings, and talks with visiting artists.


The completed application and instructor recommendation forms, as well as the uploaded assignments A through D, are required of all applicants to the Film Program.

Written Response Sections A–D: Please respond, in any length of time, to the following written prompts. Kindly upload all written answers into a single document and give each one a clear label.

  • Explain your vision for the role that filmmaking will play in your life and your views on the contributions that filmmakers may make to society.
  • Summarize a movie or television program that has motivated you.
  • Talk about a filmmaker or artist who you think is inspiring and tell us what about their work appeals to you.
  • With a maximum running length of ten minutes, submit one film that you have CREATED.


CSSSA Acceptance Rate

For vocalists, instrumentalists, and composers, CSSSA offers a Music Program that includes traditional instruction, technology, collaboration with other art forms like dance, theater, and animation, composition and improvisation, a blend of Western and non-Western chamber music, music history and theory classes. Students take part in student ensembles and receive personalized instruction. The School hosts master workshops and concerts featuring a diverse range of top-tier professional musicians.


The following mandatory assignments must be uploaded, together with a completed online application and the contact details of two instructor recommenders.

  • Record an audition video in which you perform two compositions in contrasting genres, either vocally or instrumentally. NOTE: You MUST be able to play your instrument or sing for us to see you.
  • Moreover, upload your responses to the following questions in a separate document: What do you think you will bring to the Music Program at the California State Summer School for the Arts, and why do you want to attend?

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts Program at CSSSA provides studio instruction in figure drawing, digital media, painting, sculpture, ceramics, and photography. Lectures on subjects relevant to visual artists are given by other artists and guest artists. Workshops are provided by visiting artists, and students visit nearby galleries and museums on field trips.


The following required assignments must be uploaded, together with a completed online application and the contact details of two instructor recommenders.

  • Pick any topic that piques your interest (it could be social, political, or personal). We want to see how you use this piece of art to express your point of view.
  • Produce an original work of art that somehow captures your identity. We are searching for your individual artistic interpretation and decisions.
  • Select a piece of your artwork that you believe well showcases your proficiency with the technique and your command of your preferred media. We want to know from this assignment whether you have what it takes to succeed in the intense curriculum offered by CSSSA.


A rigorous acting curriculum, the Theater Program places a strong emphasis on the development of voice and physical awareness and control as fundamental components of the actor’s art. Classes are offered in stage fighting, physical humor, musical theater, acting, movement, voice, and Tai Chi Ch’uan. There are guest lecturers, workshops, and exclusive forums. Students spend the summer presenting works-in-progress.

The following mandatory assignments must be uploaded, together with a completed online application and the contact details of two instructor recommenders.

  • Video Audition and Performance: Make a short clip in which you give a brief introduction of yourself. (Please be brief; fifteen seconds is sufficient!). Recite a monologue or solo speech as one of a play’s characters, all from memory.
  • Optional musical performance: You can play 16 bars from an American Musical Theater song (no pop songs, please) if you have a great interest in musical theater.

The audition should last no more than FOUR MINUTES, including the introduction, performance, and optional musical choices! (A separate musical theater program is not offered by CSSSA.)


CSSSA Acceptance Rate

Individualized teaching in poetry, fiction, and screenplay writing is provided to students in the Writing Program. Students collaborate in small groups with award-winning faculty members and get the chance to study under visiting authors, literary agents, journalists, and poets. Weekly open readings of student and staff works are presented to the School community, and at the conclusion of the term, an anthology featuring their work is published.


Each assignment needs to be typed on a separate sheet and properly handwritten. All entries have to be typed with 1-inch margins and in a 12-point typeface. Simple fonts are used. On each page, write your name and the appropriate assignment letter (A, B, C, or D).

  • Your definition of writing: Compose a brief essay that reflects on the following: What part of your life do you want writing to play? What motivates you to write? Which genre of writing most interests you? Who have written works that you find inspiring? Which literary works—novels, poetry, comic books, films, and television—are your favorites, and why? (Limit: double-spaced, 500 words.)
  • Original Writing: Select just one of the subsequent prompts: Prose Fiction, Dramatic Writing, Poetry, Spoken Word Poetry:
  • Sample of writing: Send in a piece that you wrote by yourself. Poetry, spoken word poetry, theatrical writing (a play, screenplay, or comic book), or fiction can all be included in the piece.

Returning Student Statement: Please post your response to the following question if you have previously attended CSSSA. What were the takeaways from your time at CSSSA? What progress have you made with your writing since leaving CSSSA, and how? If you come back, what are you going to do with your four weeks? (Word count limited to 500, double spaced.)

Financial Aid and TuitionCSSSA Acceptance Rate

Accommodation, board, and most program materials are included in the 2024 tuition. California State citizens pay less for CSSSA because the state of California funds it. When compared to other four-week residential programs in the state, CSSSA’s tuition for California residents is significantly less due to the state subsidy. In-state and out-of-state residents’ tuition expenses are as follows:

  • CA State Residents – $4,600
  • Out-of-State and International Students – $7,000

A tuition balance invoice will be sent to the student via email upon acceptance of their invitation to CSSSA. By June 3, 2024, they have to turn in their outstanding tuition. An extra fee for administrative handling is included in the online bill. Credit cards must be used for all payments. Payment information will be emailed to all parents and invited students in their virtual pre-registration packet, which will be mailed on May 15, 2024.

Students who demonstrate a need for financial aid are awarded financial aid by California State Summer School for the Arts. Applications are strongly encouraged from all CA State residents who have financial necessity. The CSSSA anticipates that financial aid will be awarded to 50% of students enrolled in the summer session of 2024. Scholarships for both full and partial tuition are offered.

FAQs (CSSSA Acceptance Rate)

What is CSSSA writing acceptance rate?

There is fierce competition for admission. About one in three applicants in most departments were approved during the previous session.

What are CSSSA’s benefits?

With the help of CSSSA, students can refine their abilities and experiment with novel approaches and concepts in a stimulating and engaging learning environment.

we hope we’ve been able to answer all your questions? If you find this post helpful and you are interested in other international universities acceptance rate, you can check our websites for more information.


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