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UC Davis Computer Science Acceptance Rate – Comprehensive Insights into Admission Requirement 2024

Learn about the UC Davis computer science acceptance rate and get insights into admissions at this renowned institution. Discover more on this page as an interested applicant.

UC Davis Overview

The University of California, Davis is a teaching and learning institution dedicated to meeting societal requirements. There are three ways in which the Department of Computer Science supports the University’s goal. The breadth of course work offers a framework for lifelong learning and appreciation of multidisciplinary activities. Firstly, its undergraduate and graduate education programs aim to educate students in the fundamental principles of computer science and the skills needed to solve the complex technological problems of modern society. Second, the department advances computer science, software, and information technology through its research initiatives, offering original, imaginative answers to social problems.

Lastly, the department uses publications, professional activities, and public service to spread the word about its research in order to improve partnerships with the public sector, advance multidisciplinary interests that benefit society, and educate the general public.

UC Davis Computer Science School Overview

The department offers a computer science bachelor’s, masters, and doctorate degree. At the moment, 230 graduate students and about 1,100 undergraduate majors are pursuing degrees there. Among the more than 30 academic members in the department are global leaders in the following areas of research:

  • Algorithms
  • Architecture and Distributed Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence (including Machine Learning, NLP, Vision)
  • Bioinformatics
  • Graphics and Visualization
  • Networking
  • Programming Languages
  • Security
  • Scientific Computing
  • Software Engineering

Researchers in the department regularly participate in multidisciplinary research partnerships in a variety of fields, including transportation systems, genomics, biomedical computing, computational science and engineering, and technology in the arts. They are dedicated to creating robust, high-impact research programs and providing the best possible undergraduate and graduate classroom instruction in order to turn out brilliant, well-rounded graduates in the field.

UC Davis Computer Science Acceptance Rate

UC Davis is more selective than most universities because of its relatively low admittance rate of 49%. Spend some time making sure you complete the application completely and send in all required materials. You don’t want to submit an incomplete application and have it rejected right away!

Major Requirements

The department offers two minors, Computational Biology and Computer Science, and two majors, Computer Science (CS) or Computer Science and Engineering (CSE). The computer science department is severely impacted, which causes lengthy waitlists for important main courses. Please remember this and prepare your courses with flexibility.

Computer Science

Computer Science & Engineering

Transferring Requirement

Both new and returning students go through the same procedure when transferring credits.

  • All transcript requirements and guidelines established by Admissions should be adhered to by new transfer students.
  • Students who have completed coursework outside of UC Davis but are still enrolled must submit an official transcript to Admissions.

Course credit is typically provided during the first processing of your transcript in accordance with current agreements that academic institutions have with UC Davis. You can use the Academic Record page in OASIS to see how your courses moved after the University has processed your transfer credit. In the event that a course isn’t explicitly marked as directly equivalent to a UC Davis course but you think it is, proceed with the procedures for Course Comparability.

You can find more information on the OUR Transfer Credit website.


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