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Deloitte Acceptance Rate – Roles, Salaries and Recruitment Procedure

Since joining Deloitte is a difficult procedure, you definitely need to familiarize yourself with Deloitte acceptance rate before applying.

Compared to Harvard, Deloitte is more selective and has a higher admissions requirement. On average, the firm accepts between 3.7% and 4% of applications for employment. 60% of undergrads get hired for graduate positions during the Summer Vacations internship.

Deloitte Acceptance Rate

The hiring procedure at Deloitte makes it quite evident that the company is extremely picky about who it chooses to hire for open positions. Deloitte acceptance rate range from 3.7 to 4% at the moment (however they do vary depending on the job roles).

According to a survey, it’s harder to get hired at Deloitte than it is to get into Harvard!

Punit Renjen, the global chief executive of Deloitte, really created a covert five-point strategy in 2015 to further restrict the firm’s ability to hire outside talent.

At Deloitte, out of 3 million applicants, 2.7% of candidates were hired in 2017, a rise in the acceptance rate.

Although it would be a bit awkward to compare Deloitte directly to Harvard, it is evident that Deloitte continues to have a comparatively low acceptance rate. Its esteemed status is largely due to this.

what Are The Differences From The Other Big 4?

deloitte Acceptance Rate

Deloitte’s acceptance rate is marginally higher than that of the other Big 4 consulting companies, despite being less selective than Ernst & Young’s.

The organization’s rigorous selection policy:

  • makes sure to draw in and employ elite talent from a variety of ethnic backgrounds.
  • solidifies its place as the industry’s top player.

Acceptance Rate for Summer Internships at Deloitte

It is not made clear how many people are accepted for the summer internship at Deloitte.

Nevertheless, research reveals that Deloitte employs over 60% of its undergrad interns for graduate roles.

Every year, the consulting firm receives over 16,000 applications from high school and college students looking for job experience and internships.

Only 350 undergraduates are chosen from among these applications for the Summer Vacation internship.

Roles and Salary at Deloitte

roles and salary at deloitte

Here are some roles and expected incomes that you could be interested in, as the acceptance rate at Deloitte may vary depending on the service line or role you have applied for at the company and the regions:

Role Gross Salary Per year
Consultant $97,921
Senior Consultant $123,723
Senior Manager $197,814
Front End Developer $121
Delivery Manager $140,195
Audit Associate $67,855
Senior Auditor $86,868
Tax Consultant $72,026
Delivery Analyst $79,761
Delivery Consultant $85,953
IT Security Specialist $87,968
Business Systems Analyst $74,075
Analyst $79,600
Senior Analyst $102,604
Technology Analyst $79,838
Business Analyst $84,460
Senior Data Scientist $88,809
Lead Data Scientist $81,682
Associate Analyst $59,896

Recruitment Procedure at Deloitte

recruitment process

Applying to Deloitte entails a five-step recruitment procedure, with the possibility of rejection at any point.

Your prospects of being hired by Deloitte and their acceptance rate are largely dependent on these recruitment steps.

Initial Screening

Your application will be reviewed and evaluated by the Talent Acquisition Specialist team at Deloitte once it has been submitted, taking into account your qualifications and experience for the position.

Your application and resume will be contacted by the team in two weeks if they determine that they match Deloitte’s essential selection criteria.

Interview Procedure

The interview process is the next step. There are three steps involved, and they cover both technical and HR questions:

Interview with Talent Acquisition Specialists: The Talent Acquisition team conducts an initial in-person interview or a phone screening first. You can ask questions about the company and your position as well; it’s not just about them.

Panel or Case Study Interview: A face-to-face technical case study or panel interview with the service line team takes place after the first interview. Your level of technical proficiency in the area service line will be questioned.

Partner/Director Interview: The Director or Partner from the service line team will eventually meet with you if you make it through the panel interview. They will mostly talk about your reasons for applying and your suitability for the position.

Examining and evaluating

You may be required to finish a psychometric or skill-based test within two weeks following the interview, depending on your service line.

Honestly, this usually filters out the majority of job applicants. Depending on what is needed, the test can be taken online or in person.

Background Verification and Offer

Deloitte will use MIE to conduct pre-employment investigations on your qualifications and employment references if you are chosen during the interview and assessment phase.

Deloitte needs to do these checks in order to:

  • Continue to be dedicated to greatness
  • Maintain its standing as a reputable and trustworthy consulting company

A verbal offer will be made to you by the Talent Acquisition representative if the company is completely happy with your history.

A formal contract outlining the terms and conditions of employment will be followed by this.


The process of onboarding is easy; Deloitte will provide you with online resources and designate an HR team member to work with you on projects and other work-related duties.


The data provided makes it quite evident that you must be at the top of your game to have a chance of being hired by Deloitte, and  insight have been provided into how competitive the company’s hiring procedure is, this entails:

  • Initial screening of the applications.
  • Three steps in the interview procedure.
  • Assessments using psychometric or skill-based methods.
  • Background checks through MIE.
  • Employment references, and qualifications are obtained.
  • Integration onboarding into Deloitte.

I hope these insights have given you a clearer picture of your chances at Deloitte so you may adjust your preparation plan appropriately. click here to apply on Deloitte official website.


Is it difficult to be hired at Deloitte?

It is challenging to obtain a position at Deloitte due to the firm’s strict hiring policies and large candidate pool. Its hiring procedure, which entails several interview rounds, might take weeks. The organization, like the majority of mega corporations, seeks applicants with outstanding industry expertise and qualifications.

Is it hard to get into Big 4?

Every year, thousands of graduates are known to find employment with the Big Four due to their widespread industry recognition and repute. In spite of this, there is intense and demanding competition for positions in all of the firms. As a result, getting hired by one of the Big Four firms is thought to be a difficult task.

What GPA does Deloitte require?

It is our mission to take on issues that have an impact, both inside and outside of the client environment. Strong record of academic achievement (3.0 cumulative GPA is necessary, 3.4 cumulative GPA is recommended).

What is Deloitte’s lowest salary?

With an annual salary of ₹2, 50,000, the article assistant position at Deloitte is the lowest paying position.

What is the Deloitte Nigeria salary range?

An Associate at Deloitte can expect to make between NGN 2M and NGN 4M in total compensation annually, which includes base pay and bonus income. At Deloitte, an associate’s basic pay averages NGN 3M annually.

What qualities does Deloitte seek in applicants?

We are looking for those that can work well in a high-pressure, fast-paced environment. We want to give our professionals a place where they can grow and contribute on a daily basis since we think that developing our professionals is important. If you’re looking for a stimulating yet supportive work environment, Deloitte may be the right fit.

we hope we’ve been able to answer all your questions? If you find this post helpful and you are interested in other Institutions acceptance rate, you can check our websites for more information.





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