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How Much is UniAbuja School Fees for 2023/2024 Academic Session

Are you considering pursuing your higher education at the University of Abuja, located in Gwagwalada and worried about UniAbuja school fees for the 2023/2024 academic session? You must have heard or read that UniAbuja school fees are N47,000 for new students and N28,000 for returning students.

The university’s school fees have changed following the 9 months strike embarked by ASUU in 2022.It is essential for prospective students and their parents or guardians to be aware of these changes and plan accordingly for the updated fees.

Uniabuja School Fees

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The revised school fees take into account the need for increased investment in educational resources, faculty development, and the overall enhancement of the academic environment.

This article takes an in-depth overview of the University of Abuja’s (UNIABUJA) school pricing structure, focusing on tuition fees, which cover the cost of academic instruction, access to library resources, and other vital educational services.

Tuition prices differ depending on the program of study and the academic session level (undergraduate, postgraduate). Prospective students must understand the school cost structure to make informed decisions regarding their academic careers.

UniAbuja School Fees for 2023/2024 Academic Session

UNIABUJA offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across various faculties, including the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Management Sciences, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Engineering, and the Faculty of Law, among others. Each faculty has its unique set of courses, and tuition fees are typically differentiated based on the program and faculty.

UniAbuja School Fees/ University of Abuja School Fees for Undergraduate New Students

In the aftermath of the ASUU strike and subsequent negotiations, many federal universities, including the University of Abuja, found it necessary to adjust their school fees to meet the demands for improved infrastructure, faculty welfare, and overall academic excellence. The UniAbuja school fees for new undergraduate students have been revised from the previous amount of 47,000 naira.

The revised school fees for new undergraduate students at the University of Abuja cover various components, including tuition fees, acceptance fees, registration fees, and other miscellaneous charges. The specific breakdown of the fees can be obtained from the university’s official website or the admissions office.

Below is the table for Uniabuja school fees for new students:

S/N Faculty/Programs Payable fees
1 Arts (English/Linguistics) N96,500
2 Arts (Theatre Arts) N101,500
3 Other Arts N96,500
4 Agriculture N137,500
5 Health Sciences N122,500
6 Education related course N100,000 to N123,500
7 Engineering N116,000
8 Law N104,000
9 Management N99,000
10 Science N108,500 – N118,000

UniAbuja School Fees for Returning Students

Returning undergraduate students at the University of Abuja should be aware that the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) convention in 2022 will significantly change the school pricing structure.

ASUU’s nine-month strike in 2022 significantly impacted several parts of university operations, resulting in changes to school fees at federal universities in Nigeria, including the University of Abuja. Find below, a table showing the payable fees for returning students.

S/N Faculty/Programs Payable fees
1 Arts (English/Linguistics) N82,000
2 Arts (Theatre Arts) N87,000
3 Other Arts N82,000
4 Agriculture N123,000 to N126,000
5 Health Sciences N205,000 to N225,000
6 Education related course N108,000
7 Engineering N102,000 to N118,000
8 Law N112,000
9 Management N84,000
10 Science N95,000 to N105,000
11 Social Sciences N84,000 to N94,000

UniAbuja Postgraduate School Fees

The postgraduate school fees at UniAbuja reflect the university’s dedication to offering exceptional education and resources for advanced study.

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Prospective postgraduate students should approach this portion of their academic journey with a thorough grasp of the available fees, payment options, and available financial support. Check below to know the fee payable to you as a master or Ph.D postgraduate students.

S/N Programs New Students Returning Students
1 Masters’ Degree N250,000 N250,000
2 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) N350,000 N350,000

Note: Late payment of UNIABUJA tuition fees may either attract extra charges, inability to seat for a semester examination, or forfeit of admission. All freshers and old students are advised to pay the University of Abuja school fees early at the designated banks nationwide. Payment should be made within the stipulated time given by the school.

UNIABUJA Hostel Accommodation Fee

Hostel fees are an essential part of the overall student experience at the University of Abuja. They contribute to providing safe and convenient housing and an environment suitable for academic performance and personal growth.

Understanding the details of hostel fees and remaining updated about any changes offers a smoother and more predictable university experience as students begin their educational journey. Below are the payable fees for university’s accommodation at UniAbuja

S/N Hostel Type Payable Fees
1 Mini Campus Hostels #10,000
2 Main Campus New Hostels #25,000
3 Main Campus Old Hostels #15,000

Other Charges

Acceptance fee: N5,000

Registration fee: N10,000

Hostel accommodation fee: Varies depending on the type of hostel room

Medical fee: N10,000

Sports fee: N1,000

Student union fee: N1,000

University of Abuja Acceptance Fee

How much is the University of Abuja acceptance fee? UNIABUJA acceptance fee is N30,000 (thirty thousand naira only) and is nonrefundable. The acceptance fee is a compulsory payment for all newly admitted students of the institution and it is not included in the school fees.


The adjustment in school fees at the University of Abuja for new and returning undergraduate students reflects the impact of the ASUU strike and the commitment to improving the overall quality of education.

Prospective students and their families should stay informed about the revised fees, payment methods, and any available financial assistance to ensure a smooth transition into the university and a successful academic experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the University of Abuja expensive?

The school fees for the University of Abuja range from approximately ₦80,000 to 200,000 per academic session.


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