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Tabor Academy Acceptance Rate – Best Guide for High School Students 2024

As a student, are you willing to study at one of the best private schools in Massachusetts? Then Tabor academy is the right school for you. keep reading to learn about tabor academy acceptance rate and how to apply into this amazing school.

Tabor Academy Overview

Tabor Academy is a coeducational, day and boarding school that prepares students for college. It is situated on Sippican Harbor. Students that exhibit great academic motivation, moral integrity, emotional stability, and a willingness to fully engage in the school community are recruited by Tabor. Tabor is based on the idea that a vibrant school community embraces diversity and seeks common ground while doing so. As a result, it welcomes a student body that is diverse in terms of race, ethnicity, religion, economic status, and geography. It is required of Tabor students to show consideration for their school and for one another.

With the help of Tabor’s academic, creative, athletic, and community programs, students can develop important skills, discover and work toward personal objectives, and gain real understanding. As the “school by the sea,” Tabor upholds a distinctive maritime legacy that embraces the virtues of a seafaring life in all of its programs: perseverance, courage, good humor, a sense of direction, humility, and diligent preparation for and knowledge of the larger world.

tabor academy acceptance rate

The teachers at Tabor pledge to maintain a healthy balance between high expectations and sincere love for their pupils, as well as to cultivate bonds of compassion, moral rectitude, and trust that serve as the foundation of the school community.

Tabor Academy is known as the School by the Sea, offers special place-based learning possibilities that are unmatched by any other school, such as sports, waterfront life, marine and nautical sciences, and waterfront living in general. Providing context for interdisciplinary studies, Tabor’s seaside setting is an excellent link to culture, history, and the future.

This will be your child’s second home and a vital tool for an incredible education. Students at Tabor learn “the what,” but we also internalize “the why,” through meaningful, hands-on, place-based learning and living, with studies ranging from hydroponics to history, biology to literature, and sailing to pottery.

Our alumni are motivated to make a positive difference in the world, see bright futures, and are prepared to embark on even bigger experiences.

What is Tabor Academy acceptance rate?

Compared to the national average of 71%, Tabor Academy acceptance rate is lower at 38%. It is among the best private schools in Massachusetts with the lowest acceptance rates is Tabor Academy.

How to apply into tabor academy

The application process is simple, although there are several steps to completing your application to Tabor.

Step 1: Inquire

The first step of the application is to complete the Tabor Inquiry Form.

Step 2 (Parents/Guardians only): Log into myTA Portal

Login information are provided to parents/guardians so they can monitor the progress of their student’s admissions process.

Step 3: Schedule Interview & Visit

Students are to self-schedule using their myTA portal; log in using the credentials provided and navigate to the Admissions Progress tab for the tours and interviews that are available Monday-Friday each year. Students may also tour in the summer, but the schedule is more limited.

Step 4: Review the Updated Testing Policy

Adjustment has been made to tabor SSAT policy which means SSAT are no longer required.

Testing scores can, for some applicants, be a positive addition to their applications. However, this isn’t the case for all applicants. The school have always considered the full student application—grades, recommendations, activities and sports, and the interview when making admissions decisions. As such, the SSAT is just one way in which students can demonstrate their capability and does not always present an optimal view into a student’s potential for success at Tabor.

*For Those Submitting Optional Testing Scores*

For applicants that choose to submit testing, the school accept the SSAT, ISEE, MCAS, or other standardized testing from applicant’s home state. Additionally, the PSAT/ACT/SAT will be accepted for applicants reclassifying to grade 10 or applying for grade 11.

Step 5: The SAO Application

Tabor uses the Standard Application Online (SAO) as singular application, available through

Applicants are to follow the instructions provided within the SAO portal for submitting their materials. Applicants application will be forwarded to Tabor once they have paid the application fee and they are allow 48 hours for the processing of items submitted through the SAO; as an applicant, you can track the progress via your checklist on the myTA portal.

Step 6: Complete the Application Checklist

A complete Tabor application includes:

  • SAO Application
  • Interview* (can schedule before application is complete)
  • SSAT (optional) or comparable testing scores
  • TOEFL or Duolingo test (non-native English speakers only)

Step 7: Receive Notification of Completion

Once application is complete, applicants will receive an official notification from the admissions office via email. They do not need to contact the office to check the status of their application.

Applicants should note that during peak admissions season, it may take one to two weeks to process admissions materials once they are submitted; however applicant’s materials are officially logged as of the date received.

The Cost of a Tabor Education: Tuition and Financial Assistance

The goal of Tabor Academy is to make education accessible to all families. While financial contributions from families are expected to cover the cost of a Tabor education, around 36% of Tabor students get financial aid based on proven need. Applying is advised if you believe you need financial assistance.

  • Boarding Student Tuition: $74,400
  • Day Student Tuition: $56,100

Additional Costs for International Students

  • International Fee $1,500
  • International Student Health Insurance $2,385

Financial Aid
$9.0 million need-based grants

College financial aid consultation and test prep programming are included in tuition. Students are responsible for purchasing books, athletic supplies, and other school-related costs as needed.

4 Easy Steps to Apply for Financial Aid at Tabor Academy

easy guide to applying

Step 1: Sign Up for Clarity Application Account to apply for financial aid.

Step 2: Complete the Application, which typically takes less than 30 minutes to fill out. The Clarity Application is also mobile-friendly so you can complete it from anywhere.

Step 3: At the end of the application, there is a $60 fee to submit, and you can share your application with additional schools that accept the Clarity Application for no additional charge.

Step 4:  return to your dashboard after you complete and submit your Clarity Application. Please note, you may need to upload additional tax documentation by February 1 (deadline for returning students is December 15).


As the School by the Sea, Tabor Academy is both home port and launching point for a globally connected education where students and educators build knowledge; identify opportunities; and explore innovative, ethical solutions to complex local and global challenges. If you want to study at tabor academy as a student, then you are on the right path.

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