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Lehigh Acceptance Rate 2023 And Its Admission Requirements

You may be wondering about Lehigh acceptance rate 2023 if you’re considering applying there. After all, you may assess your prospects of admission and whether or not it’s beneficial to apply by learning about a university’s level of selectiveness. The acceptance rate of Lehigh University is approximately 36%, suggesting that the university has a very tough admissions process. However, it’s crucial to remember that admittance still requires fulfilling the university’s prerequisites. In this blog article, we’ll examine Lehigh University’s acceptance rate and the factors that contribute to its rigorous admissions standards.

Lehigh University’s setting in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania offers students a small-town atmosphere combined with city amenities and culture. The school is currently renowned for its ability to prepare students for success in the workplace. Lehigh is ranked 42nd out of around 2,000 institutions by Payscale based on return on investment. Considering all that this university has to offer, you may be curious about the requirements for admission. Find out by reading on!

Lehigh Acceptance Rate 2023

Approximately 5,400 undergraduate students attend Lehigh University, a top 50 university located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The majority of these students enroll in highly competitive programs in computer science, engineering, business, and biology. Because of its nonlinear acceptance rate trajectory and variable selectivity measures, Lehigh is rather unique in terms of admissions. The most recent information available indicates that Lehigh Acceptance Rate 2023 is 46% which indicates that 46% of applicants are expected to be accepted to Lehigh University for the autumn 2023 semester.

Despite the relatively high acceptance rate, applicants should be aware that there are still requirements for admission to the university. Lehigh University is renowned for both its friendly campus and its top-notch academic offerings. While a university’s acceptance rate might serve as a useful gauge of its competitiveness, it’s crucial to remember that entrance to the university still requires fulfilling the prerequisites.

Here is a table showing the past acceptance rate of Lehigh university

Year Acceptance Rate
2023 46%
2022 36%
2020 50%
2018 22%

Lehigh Acceptance Rate 2023

What Is the Admissions Process at Lehigh University?

Lehigh admissions is competitive. For its Class of 2025, the university got 14% more applications; yet, only 6,381 of 14,106 students were accepted, representing an acceptance rate of 45%. Lehigh has not yet disclosed the Class of 2025 ED acceptance rate. Nonetheless, 815 of the 1,121 students who applied for its 2024 ED class were accepted, representing a 72% acceptance rate for early decisions.

Although acceptance rates at the university are low, your chances of getting in rely on how strong your profile is. Your GPA, test results, and extracurricular involvement are just a few of the variables that might help you better evaluate your chances of being accepted and offer suggestions for how to strengthen your application.

What Does Lehigh University Seek?

Class rank, grades, rigor of curriculum, references, extracurricular activities, work experience, and shown interest are just a few of the variables that Lehigh University takes into account when making admissions decisions. The university wants to attract a varied student body that will flourish and make a positive impact on campus. This group of students should have a range of interests, experiences, and talents.

Academic achievement is highly valued at Lehigh, and the school has established a nurturing environment with free non-remedial tutoring for academically gifted pupils. This is among the factors that have contributed to Lehigh’s freshman retention percentage staying consistently above 90% for over ten years.

What is Lehigh University’s application evaluation process?

According to Lehigh University, the following elements are “very important” in their Common Data Set for 2020–2021:

  • Course difficulty
  • Class rank
  • GPA
  • Character
  • Reference Letters
  • Extracurricular Activities

Other “Important” factors include:

  • Test results
  • Essay
  • First-generation
  • Talent
  • Status racial\ethnic
  • Volunteer activities
  • Interest of applicant

Things to also consider

  • Geographical location
  • Interview
  • Legacy
  • Work history

Things not to consider

  • State residence
  • Religious affiliation

Lehigh Acceptance Rate 2023

Tips for Lehigh University Applicants

Consider the following if you are among the 15,000+ Lehigh applicants for the upcoming cycle of admissions:

  • All applicants must directly apply to one of the four undergraduate colleges on the admissions application. It is advised that first-year applicants select a second major.
  • Lehigh offers an option for assessment interviews.
  • Compared to most other universities, Lehigh University gives “demonstrated interest” more weight. Therefore, the evaluation of your application will be based on your actions, such as following them on social media, visiting the campus, or speaking with an admissions officer.
  • Recommendation letters are needed.
  • Make sure you invest the time and energy necessary to complete the optional supplementary essay Lehigh requests. In the 2021–2022 cycle Applications, students will have to reply to three prompts.

Lehigh University’s requirements

Lehigh has approved both the Common Application and the Coalition Application. Other requirements include:

  • Lehigh writing supplement
  • Referral from a headmaster, counselor, or principal
  • Instructor’s recommendation
  • Report from school
  • Transcript of high school
  • Midyear Report
  • Final report card from school
  • ACT/SAT (optional)

Average ACT/SAT Results for Lehigh University Applicants

The minimal requirements for SAT are:

Critical Reading: 620–290

Math: 660–760

The minimal requirements for ACT are:

English: 30-35

Math: 27–33

Final thought (Lehigh Acceptance Rate 2023)

Lehigh University has an extremely selective admittance rate of 36%. Prospective students must still fulfill the university’s entrance requirements in order to be considered for admission, even though the majority of applicants are accepted. You may determine whether Lehigh University is the appropriate fit for you and your prospects of admission by learning about the school’s acceptance rate.

FAQs (Lehigh Acceptance Rate 2023)

Is admission to Lehigh University difficult?

With a 36% acceptance rate, Lehigh University is a more selective university. Lehigh University requires an ACT score of 30 to 34 or a SAT score between 1325 and 1490 for admission.

What GPA is required to get into Lehigh University?

Students must obtain a cumulative GPA of at least 1.70 for freshman entrance and a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 for all other grade levels.

Can I apply to Lehigh University?

By Lehigh’s standards, you ought to give applying through the early decision process substantial consideration if you are a borderline applicant. Unless your stats will blow the admissions committee away, you’ll need to have a solid backup plan for the normal round.

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