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NDA School Fees For 2024 Academic Session

The NDA school fees as confirmed by the institution is N45,000 for fresh cadets and returning cadets respectively. The Nigeria Defence Academy (NDA) is renowned for producing disciplined and well-trained military officers. If you’re considering joining the ranks of the NDA, it’s crucial to understand the financial aspects of your education.

NDA School Fees

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The Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) stands as a beacon of excellence in preparing the future leaders of Nigeria’s Armed Forces. For those aspiring to join this esteemed institution, understanding the financial commitment involved is a crucial aspect of the application process. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of NDA school fees, shedding light on the various components that contribute to the overall cost.

Brief on Nigeria Defence Academy (NDA)

The Nigeria Defence Academy (NDA) was founded in 1964 in Kaduna, Nigeria, as the country’s foremost military institution. Its primary duty is to train officers for the Nigerian Army, Navy, and Air Force, producing well-educated, disciplined, and physically fit officers to lead and manage the country’s armed services.

The academy’s comprehensive military training includes academic education, military tactics, physical fitness, and character development. Cadets who complete their program obtain a bachelor’s degree.

The NDA is a one-of-a-kind tri-service academy that serves all three arms of the Nigerian military. The academy strongly emphasizes leadership development to produce officers who can lead with integrity and competence in various military and civic roles.

Cadets are commissioned into their different military services after graduation and serve the country in various capacities. The NDA is critical in shaping the leadership and strategic capabilities of the Nigerian Armed Forces, significantly contributing to the country’s national security.

NDA School Fees for Fresh and Returning Cadets

The NDA school fees are charged for academic teaching, examinations, and related services. Compared to private universities, these prices are reasonable, making quality education available to a broader spectrum of people.

Cadets are supplied with on-campus housing, which contributes to the care and preservation of these venues. However, Cadets are fed, and a healthy diet is supplied to enhance their physical and emotional well-being. Miscellaneous fees cover various services and facilities, including medical care and transportation. Cadets must pay uniform and kit fees to be adequately prepared for their training and future roles in the Armed Forces.

The NDA uses a structured payment mechanism to make the financial process easier for cadets and their families. The academy management communicates clear payment plans and schedules, providing an unbroken academic experience. Deserving cadets might get financial help based on their academic performance, leadership characteristics, and financial necessity. Prospective students are advised to investigate these possibilities to make their education at the NDA more affordable.

Finally, prospective cadets and their families should approach NDA school fees, mindful of the cost breakdown, allowing them to focus on their education and training without undue financial anxiety. Find below the required NDA school fees for Fresh and returning cadets:

Course NDA School Fees
Accounting N45,000
Biological Science(s) N45,000
Chemistry N45,000
Civil Engineering N45,000
Computer Science N45,000
Computer Science N45,000
Economics N45,000
Electrical and Electronic Engineering N45,000
Geography N45,000
History N45,000
Mathematics N45,000
Mechanical Engineering N45,000
Physics N45,000
Political Science and Defence Studies N45,000

NDA Acceptance Fees

In addition to the NDA Cadet school fees for the 2023/2024 session, which must be paid in full upon entry, we should pay attention to the acceptance fee, the first mandatory nonrefundable fee that new Cadets must pay.

The N35,000 NDA Acceptance Fee is required of all newly admitted cadets.

As a result, NDA undergraduate first-year students pay 80,000 Naira for their studies. The Academy demands the sum above, albeit there might be minor modifications or levies depending on the circumstances.

You need to know that the NDA only takes payments made via its website and that tuition is paid per session rather than per semester for both new and returning students. To pay for your tuition, never utilize a website or third-party service other than the university’s.

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Admission Requirement

In addition to being aware of the precise tuition and required NDA school fees, prospective applicants, and students should also be familiar with the requirements for admission into the Academy.

These are:

1. Beware of being duped by the NDA website; it operates similarly to other NDA websites, with degrees awarded to successful students in any topic after they fulfill the Academy’s requirements and the necessary number of years.

The requirements for admission are comparable to those of other universities.

2. Applicants to the Nigerian Defence Academy must receive a score of 180 or higher to be considered.

3. Applicants must have completed a minimum of five credits in pertinent courses, including math and English language, for their chosen program of study.

4. Your admissions form needs to be signed by a major-ranking military officer or a commissioned officer.


Enrolling in the National Defence Academy is a significant step toward a fulfilling and challenging career in the armed forces. Understanding the NDA school fees structure is crucial for prospective cadets and their families to plan for the financial aspects of the education and training provided by this esteemed institution. Aspiring candidates are encouraged to stay informed about any updates or changes in the fees by regularly checking the official NDA website or contacting the academy directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many years do you spend in NDA?

The training time at NDA lasts six terms or three years. There are two-term springs each year: spring (January to May) and autumn (July to December). Cadets are trained and taught several sports, in addition to academics, throughout three years. Ans: After 10th grade, the Science stream is the best for NDA.

How much is an NDA application?

Begin your journey at NDA here. Navigate to the application portal, choose “Purchase Access Code” and make a payment of N3,500.00 via REMITA. Ensure payments align with RRR Codes generated from the application portal.

How long is NDA training in Nigeria?

The duration of training at the Nigerian Defence Academy is five years (four years academic and one year military). N.D.A.

What is the age limit for NDA in Nigeria?

Applicants must be a Nigerian citizen, though foreign students based on bilateral agreement(s) are also admitted. Age must fall within 16-19 years. Applicants must be physically, mentally and medically fit.


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