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PwC Internship Acceptance Rate, Benefits, Types, And Application Details

PricewaterhouseCoopers, or PwC, is a global network of professional services providers that offers audit, tax, consulting, and advising services. One of the “Big Four” accounting firms, PwC has operations in more than 157 nations. Students have a rare opportunity to learn from seasoned experts and obtain practical experience in the professional services sector through internships at PwC.

For students at various educational levels, PwC provides a range of internship opportunities. Undergraduate, graduate, and MBA students interested in a career in accounting, taxation, or consulting services can apply for internships with the company. Internships at PwC are available all year round and can run anywhere from a few weeks to many months.

PwC Internship Acceptance Rate

The PwC internship acceptance rate varies based on a few factors, but it generally hovers around 4-5%. Teams in the Consulting Solutions division typically have higher levels of competition, particularly given the state of the industry.

To gain a foot in the door and move on to the next steps of the recruitment process, which include two interviews, virtual psychometric testing, and application submission, one must first fulfill the prerequisites listed above.

Benefits of an Internship at PwC


An internship at PwC has numerous benefits.

  • Interns get to work with seasoned professionals who can serve as mentors and advisors. A group of development coaches is tasked with guiding interns through their internship and providing performance evaluations.
  • Interns also get to work on actual customer projects, which gives them a rare chance to put what they’ve learned to use in practical settings.
  • PwC internships give students a special chance to build their networks.
  • Interns have the chance to interact and collaborate with experts from PwC’s audit, tax, consulting, and advisory units. This gives interns the opportunity to see various departments within the company and discover possible career routes.
  • PwC internships provide benefits and excellent pay. In addition to receiving compensation for their labor, interns are also entitled for benefits like paid time off, retirement savings programs, health insurance, and even free gym memberships!
  • PwC provides interns with training and development opportunities that might assist them in acquiring the abilities required to be successful in the professional services sector.

Types of Internships

  • Advance Internship

PwC offers a variety of internship programs for students. The Advance Internship is the most well-known type of internship. Junior-year students are the target audience for this internship. While the exact job description varies by department, advance interns work directly on customer engagements and have the chance to take on practical duties as a member of the team.

In particular, PwC also provides an internship in the department of taxes. Students interested in a career in taxation are intended audience for this internship. Tax interns assist with tax planning, prepare tax returns, and conduct research on tax legislation as part of their work on client engagements.

  • Advisory and Consulting

PwC also provides internships in advisory and consulting. Students interested in a career in management consulting are encouraged to apply for consulting internships. Research, data analysis, and presentation preparation are among the responsibilities that consulting interns handle while working on client engagements.

Students interested in a career in consulting are encouraged to apply for advisory internships. A lot of consulting organizations may hire someone as a “generalist,” whereas PwC places staff members in practice areas like consumer markets, healthcare, financial services, etc. The intern can work on projects they are enthusiastic about thanks to this division, which also helps the team as a whole become experts in a certain area.

  • Additionally, PwC is committed to hiring Black and Latinx candidates, as demonstrated by the Access Your Potential program, which aims to close the employment and opportunity gaps.
  • Lastly, PwC offers a summer internship program for sophomores.

Applying to Work as an Intern at PwC

How to Apply for PwC Internship ,

Students who want to apply for a PwC internship must fulfill several conditions. For instance, it is advised that students pursue a degree in accounting, finance, business, or a similar profession and that they have a minimum GPA of 3.0. In addition, candidates need to have excellent communication, analytical, and problem-solving abilities as well as the ability to dedicate themselves to the internship for its whole.

There are usually multiple phases involved in the application process for a PwC internship.

  • Send in an application

Students must first fill out an online application and attach a cover letter, resume, and academic transcripts.

  • Possible Evaluation Online

An online test that gauges pupils’ behavioral and cognitive abilities may be required of them.

  • Interview

An interview may be requested of the students. You can be questioned about your past experiences, your interest in the internship, and your skills and talents during the interview. It’s crucial to get ready for the interview by learning about the business and the particular internship, preparing your answers to frequently asked questions, and wearing business attire.

It is crucial to remember that in the case of consulting services, the interview could involve a case study that the candidate must go through.

Salary for a PwC Internship

PwC Internship salary

At PwC, entry-level associates currently earn a base wage that ranges from $65,000 to $85,000 (with some strategy areas paying as much as $100,000). Even though that is a wide range, it depends on the department in question.

The pay for an intern is calculated on an hourly basis. An intern’s job typically entails 40 hours per week (plus overtime, if the particular team deems it essential), with an 8-week internship duration.


For students and new graduates, an internship at PwC can be a fantastic experience. You can hone your abilities and obtain useful experience in the accounting, consulting, or advisory fields. In order to maximize your chances of being chosen, it is crucial that you invest time and energy into the application process and that you be ready for the interview. The competition for internships is fierce. In addition to experience, a PwC internship can help you network with other professionals and pave the way for a fulfilling career.


Is it difficult to work at PwC?

Really difficult. According to a recent piece in The Time that examined the Big Four—KPMG in particular—PwC had an acceptance rate of roughly 2.5% in 2022 based on 304,000 applications it received for its 7,500 positions, including 2,000 entry-level positions.

What is PwC’s success rate?

It’s crucial to be ready because candidates at the PwC assessment center have a success record of only 10%.

What GPA is required by PwC?

Every semester they are enrolled in the program, PwC Scholars are required to maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.6 and add an extra major, minor (other than SOM), or specialization to their degree.

Do PwC email rejections following interviews?

If I’m rejected, will I know about it? Indeed. We make it a point to notify you of any developments or outcomes at least two weeks following the assessment day.

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