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Stanford Business School Acceptance Rate – Complete Insight into Stanford MBA Program

Stanford Business School Acceptance Rate

One of the most prestigious colleges in the United States, Stanford University, is recognized as one of the best B-Schools overseas for studying an MBA. Stanford University’s Graduate Business School offers the MBA program. International students can also enroll in the two-year Stanford MBA program. The exceedingly elite Stanford business school acceptance rate ranges from 5.7% to 6.8% for the classes of 2022 and 2024, respectively.

According to its reputation and standing in the world, Stanford University offers highly esteemed MBA programs, which explains why its acceptance rates are quite low. Although there are no minimum score or GPA requirements for Stanford MBA admissions, the candidate pool is extremely competent. If you intend to study for an MBA in the United States, check out this article’s information on the Stanford MBA acceptance rate, admission, requirements, evaluation standards, and other specifics.

Rankings of Stanford Graduate School of Business

Known for its MBA curriculum, Stanford GSB is without a doubt the top B-School overseas. Stanford Graduate School has been ranked #1 by QS – Global MBA Rankings for five years running.

Analysis of the Acceptance Rate for Stanford MBA Programs

The following acceptance rates for the MBA program have been reported by Stanford Graduate Business School for the last three years:

It is evident from the Stanford MBA enrollment statistics above that:

year Total applicants received Total enrollment International students
2024 6,152 424 46%
2023 7,367 426 47%
2022 7,324 436 35%
  • The Stanford MBA acceptance rate for 2022 was 5.93%, according to reports.
  • The Stanford MBA acceptance rate decreased by 0.15% from 2022 to 2023, reaching 5.78%.
  • The Stanford MBA acceptance rate for the year 2024 was 6.89%, higher than the rate for the year 2023.

The information above leads one to the conclusion that while the Stanford business school acceptance rate has been extremely selective, there has been a noticeable improvement in selectivity between the classes of 2022 and 2024. The Stanford business school acceptance rate increased for the class of 2024, offsetting a modest decline for the class of 2023.

stanford business school acceptance rate

Stanford MBA Class Profile 2024

The entering class of 2024 in MBA at Stanford University were a handful of 424, which included 44% of women and the rest of the class composed was of 56% male students. Also,

  • Stanford MBA class of 2024 had students from over 56 countries who spoke 71 languages.
  • 12% of the class included first-generation college students enrolled for the MBA class of 2024 at Stanford.
  • 13% of the Stanford MBA class of 2024 students held an advanced degree certificate.
  • Students of Stanford MBA’24 came from 83 US universities and 79 non-US universities as well.
  • 67% of the class of 2024 submitted a GMAT score and the remaining 33% submitted a GRE
  • The average GMAT score was 737 and the GRE verbal score was – 164 and GMAT quantitative score was 163.
  • The average TOEFL score of the class of 2024 of Stanford MBA was 113.

MBA Admission to Stanford

Admission to Stanford University is competitive, and completing the MBA program there is a significant undertaking. The Stanford MBA application process has many steps, and each one is a process in itself. When submitting an application after applying on their official website, be sure to review the Stanford MBA admission standards for applicants:

Step 1: Educational Background

  • A two-year master’s degree and a three-year bachelor’s degree are preferable but not mandatory.
  • Transcripts of institutions attended
  • GPA- please note no minimum GPA is required for MBA admissions at Stanford.

Step 2: Test Scores

  • GMAT or GRE scores
  • IELTSor TOEFL or PTE scores

Step 3: Personal Information, Activities Involved in & Awards Received

  • Personal details – date of birth, citizenship and family info
  • Answer the optional questions if necessary
  • Applicants must report about the activities involved during undergraduate and/or graduate studies.
  • Also, mention about the awards received (if any).

Step 4: Work Experience

  • One-page business resume
  • Only those who have 10 years of work experience can submit a longer resume.

Step 5: Submit LORs

2 LORs are required from:

  • Current and direct supervisor or manager
  • Another supervisor in the past

Step 6: Essays

  • Two personal essays must be written by the applicant, it is recommended.
  • The topics will be given in the application itself.
  • Recent topics include –
  • What matters most to you, and why?
  • Why Stanford?

Step 7: Pay the Application Fee

  • The Stanford MBA admission application will only be assessed once it is submitted.
  • A fee of USD 275 is charged to apply for MBA at Stanford.

Conclusion (Stanford Business School Acceptance Rate)

Only applications that demonstrate an applicant’s leadership style, way of thinking, and worldview are considered for review in the Stanford MBA program. International students must therefore apply on time due to the stringent deadlines and three rounds of application for Stanford’s MBA admission. Because Stanford MBA admissions are extremely competitive, candidates should be well-prepared before trying their luck.

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