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Umiami Acceptance Rate 2023 – Complete Details

Based in Coral Gables, Florida, the University of Miami (UM) is a private research university that was established in 1925. UM offers undergraduate, graduate, and professional degree programs in 11 schools and colleges, serving over 17,000 students from over 150 countries. The admission percentage for 2023 at the University of Miami is 30–33%. That indicates that just 33 out of 100 candidates were approved by the university. Furthermore, UM had the lowest acceptance percentage (29%), for the year 2021–2022.

What Is UMiami Acceptance Rate?

Based on the most current data available, UMiami acceptance rate is 33%. Out of 33,416 students, only 12,698 were admitted to UM in 2020, according to the records that were accessible the year before. As a result, that year’s acceptance rate was 32%.

It is crucial to realize that Umiami acceptance rate can change from year to year and from course to course. Additionally, there are differences in the University of Miami’s in-state and out-of-state acceptance rates.

Out-state acceptance rate In-state acceptance rate
55% 33%

The average ACT and SAT scores, GPA, and class rank from the prior school or institution all affect the admittance rate to the University of Miami. International students may be asked to present TOEFL or IELTS scores in addition to their GAP, class rank, and SAT or ACT scores in order to demonstrate their English language competency.

The universities that make up the University of Miami have different requirements for the SAT and ACT. It could be challenging for applicants whose SAT scores are lower than 1280 to get into the University of Miami. Although there is no minimum ACT score required by the university, admission into UM is more likely if you score higher than 29.

The University of Miami’s acceptance rate for the class of 2024 is predicted to increase with a 3.6 GPA. 13% of admitted students had an average GPA of about 4.0, while 25% of those who were accepted to UM had an average GPA of 3.75 to 3.99. Furthermore, 51% of the university-accepted students scored in the top 10% of their high school classes.

The range of average GPA, SAT, and ACT scores for the University of Miami is displayed in the following table:

Standardised Tests Score Range
SAT Total score: 1355-1400
ACT Composite Score: 31-34
GPA Average-3.6%

For international students, the results of the English proficiency test, in addition to their SAT and ACT scores, are required. The TOEFL iBT average is 80, and the average IELTS score is 6.5.

Note: The average University of Miami acceptance rate is not as significant as your prior school/college grades and overall GPA.

umiami acceptance rate

How Tough Is It To Be Accepted At Miami University?

The University of Miami has the most selective admissions in the nation, with Umiami acceptance rate of 33% and 29% for early admittance. In addition, the university might take into account an applicant’s essays, letters of recommendation, and indications of interest in the program. The university’s enrollment objectives and the competitiveness of the applicant pool are taken into consideration while making admissions decisions.

The past Umiami acceptance rate will provide you with a clear picture of its admissions pattern:

Year Admission rate
Fall 2023 33%
Fall 2022 29%
Fall 2021 29%
Fall 2020 32%
Fall 2019 27%
Fall 2018 38%
Fall 2017 36%

What Is The University of Miami’s Demographic Profile?

Florida accounted for about 41% of University of Miami students in 2020–2021, with Pennsylvania, California, New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts accounting for the majority of first-year students from the state. There are, on average, 54% more female students than male students at the university.

The following table illustrates UM’s demographic makeup:

Student Body Per cent
Latinx 28%
White 47%
African American 10%
Asian American 11%
Multiracial 4%

There are 16722 students registered at the University of Miami, 2318 of them are foreign students from 102 different countries.

What are the University of Miami’s admissions policies and enrollment requirements?

Knowing the standards for admission is crucial, even if you don’t care about the University of Miami’s acceptance rate. The following is UM’s general admissions requirements list:


  • Senior Secondary Examination certificate with 60–70% from CBSE, ICSE, or any other recognized education board.
  • Awards for extracurricular involvement.


  • A bachelor’s degree from a central or state university, or an equivalent, with a GPA of 3.6 or above.
  • A Duolingo score of 105 or above. Certificates for extracurricular activities.

Documents required:

  • Graduation certificates and transcripts
  • A passport-sized photograph
  • Copies of passports
  • Resume
  • Visa
  • TOEFL & IELTS test scores
  • 1 Recommendation letter
  • Statement of Purpose

The Umiami acceptance rate is subject to variation annually and may differ for various departments and schools within the institution. In general, 84% of all graduating students are in the top deciles each year, with the remaining students falling into the top quartiles.

umiami acceptance rate

The University of Miami Deadlines & Intakes:

Every year, the University of Miami offers a number of undergraduate and graduate degree intakes. For both graduate and undergraduate admissions, the following general guidelines apply:

Undergraduate Admissions:

Early decision (Binding): November 1st

Early Action (Non- binding): November 1st

Regular Decision: January 1

Transfer Students: Fall – March 1; spring – November 1

Admissions to Graduate School:

Program-specific deadlines can range from December to April for autumn applications and from October to February for spring admissions. (For details about graduate admittance, visit the university website.)

After Being Admitted to the University of Miami, What Can You Expect?

U.S. News and World Report continuously place the University of Miami at #55. UM is well-known for its important research initiatives, including specializations in engineering, medicine, and marine science. Less than 20 students attend 50.5% of University of Miami classrooms, with a 13:1 student-faculty ratio. The university is renowned for its involvement in the community, cutting-edge research, and strict academic standards.

Programs Available

A wide range of degree programs, including undergraduate, graduate, and professional ones, are available at UM in the arts, sciences, engineering, business, law, medicine, education, and music. The College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Business Administration, the School of Law, the Miller School of Medicine, the School of Education and Human Development, and the Frost School of Music are among the eleven schools and colleges that make up the institution.


Apart from its academic offerings, UM provides a plethora of extracurricular activities, including research centers and labs, sports teams, student organizations, the Lowe Art Museum, meeting spaces, counseling services, the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, and more.


The student’s program, residency status, and other variables can affect the tuition costs at UM. The anticipated average tuition prices for the 2021–2022 school year are listed below. For full-time undergraduate students, the cost is $53,682 a year; for graduate students, it ranges from $1,730 to $2,300 per credit hour.


Several of the most well-known people have graduated from the University of Miami, including Ray Liotta, Donna Shalala, Marco Rubio, Julia Dale, Sylvester Stallone, Gloria Estefan, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Conclusion (Umiami Acceptance Rate)

The statistics above and this article are meant to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the typical Umiami acceptance rate. By heeding the advice provided here, you can increase your chances of being accepted to UM.

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