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UVA Transfer Acceptance Rate – Quick Step by Step Admission Guide 2024

One of the nation’s most selective public universities is the University of Virginia. Even though they only accept less than 20% of first-year applications, UVA is still among the top universities that welcome transfers. Indeed, the UVA transfer acceptance rate is about twice that of first-year applicants. UVA transfer acceptance rate for will be provided in this post along with other important information like the deadline, requirements, decision date, and much more.

UVA Transfer Acceptance Rate

The most recent UVA transfer acceptance rate as well as previous data are shown below.

  • UVA received 3,530 applications for fall 2023 admission, and almost 30% of those were accepted. UVA received 450 applications for the spring 2024 cycle, and 10.4% of them were accepted.
  • UVA received 3,562 applications for enrollment in the fall of 2022, of which 1,245 were approved, for an overall acceptance percentage of 35%. Out of the 411 applications received, 14% were approved by UVA for the spring 2023 cycle.
  • Out of the 3,364 transfer applications, 1,208 were accepted (36%), for entrance in the fall of 2021.
  • Prioritizing Virginia residents in the admissions process is something UVA does every year. Just 19% of non-resident applications were accepted in 2023, compared to 45% of Virginia applicants.

It is essential to examine past data in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the transfer difficulties associated with a particular school when applying. Year to year, transfer acceptance rates at many schools might vary substantially. But, UVA has been fairly consistent over the past five years, so this is not the situation in UVA.

Historical transfer rates are as follows:

Year Acceptance Rate
2020 40%
2019 37%
2018 37%
2017 40%

Furthermore, there were notable differences in the transfer rates for the fall of 2023 based on the academic program. These are program-specific acceptance rates:

37% in architecture

31% in Arts & Sciences

59% have an education.

24% in engineering

Commerce: 18%

25% in public policy

Nursing: 42%

uva transfer acceptance rate


Deadline for UVA transfers

The university provides transfer options in the fall and spring. For fall applicants, the deadline for UVA transfers is March 1. Applicants for spring must apply before October 1.

UVA Transfer Requirements

The following are the requirements for UVA transfers:

  • Common Application for Transfer
  • final transcripts from high school, indicating graduation
  • official transcripts from colleges
  • ACT or SAT (optional)
  • Letter of recommendation (0 necessary, 1 optional)

The following actions have been taken as applicants who stand the highest chance of being admitted to UVA:

  • Are in the process of finishing up to 60 credits if they are applying for junior admission, or at least 24 semester credits if they are applying for junior admission.
  • Have fulfilled the specified course requirements for their major.
  • Received excellent grades during their first year at a four-year institution or community college.
  • Have a solid track record in high school.
  • Possess impressive SAT/ACT and AP/IB scores (despite the fact that these are test-optional).

GPA Transfer to UVA

The university reports that a transfer student’s average GPA is approximately 3.5. But a 3.75 or above, in our opinion, puts candidates in a much stronger position. Applicants from outside the state will undoubtedly want to have as many A’s as possible on their transcripts.

UVA Transfer Writing Supplement

  • Transfer Reasons

In your statement, please explain why you are transferring and what goals you aim to accomplish. You have two options: either input text straight into the field or paste text from another source. Maximum of 4,000 characters

  • personal statement

What unique background, viewpoint, or life experience will you or those around you at UVA find strong points in? Feel free to write about any past experience or aspect of your background that has influenced your viewpoint and will serve as a source of strength. You can write about experiences pertaining to your community, upbringing, school system, race, gender, or any other significant aspect of your background that you find meaningful. Maximum 1,800 characters allowed

Date of UVA Transfer Decision Making

For individuals who plan to enroll in UVA in the fall, transfer decisions are made by May 1. Those looking forward to spring are informed by November 30.

Conclusion: UVA Transfer Acceptance Rate

A close examination of your college and high school grades will be conducted by the committee if you apply as a sophomore. They will give your college performance much more weight if you apply for a junior transfer.

And finally, your chances of getting admitted for the fall semester are significantly higher than those for the spring semester. Furthermore, most applicants for transfers are only approved for the autumn semester. Only a select few transfer students are granted admission to the College of Arts & Sciences each spring, and even then, it’s an extremely competitive process with over 300 applications being received for only 35 slots.

if you are also interested in other international universities and their transfer acceptance rate, you can check our websites for detailed information on them.

UVA Transfer FAQ

UVA tend to admit 35-40% of the transfer applicants who apply to start at UVA in the fall.

Admission for the spring semester is more competitive. You may apply for the spring semester if you are interested in the College of Arts & Sciences. Typically, they receive over 300 applications for 35 spots in the College of Arts and Sciences.

  • Will you look at my high school grades and courses or just college work?

UVA look equally at your high school record and your college work if you are applying as a second year student. If you are applying as a third year student, they look primarily at your college work.

Submitting SAT or ACT scores is optional for transfer students.

The TOEFL or IELTs are recommended if English is your second language and you did not go to high school in an English speaking school.

The average college GPA for an admitted transfer student is 3.5. Students aren’t admitted just based on a GPA, though. Having the proper courses on your transcript is important.

Only if you are applying for the Architecture major in the School of Architecture. Those interested in Architectural History or Urban and Environmental Planning are not required to submit a portfolio. The Common Application will allow you to submit a portfolio through Slideroom.

Nearly half of the 600 transfer students who enroll in the fall started their higher education in the Virginia Community College System.

if there are still more questions that you are yet to get answers to concern UVA transfer acceptance rate and admission requirements, you can check out the school website for more transfer answers as an applicants.

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