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University of Groningen Acceptance Rate And Admission Process

If studying at the University of Groningen is what you want to do, you should get ready before applying. For this reason, we have included all the information you require about University of Groningen acceptance rate in this post.

The University of Groningen is firmly established in Groningen. This university focuses on research. It is known for being “a city of talent” with a top-notch perspective. Being the second oldest university in the Netherlands, it has been around for more than 400 years.

The university has gained recognition throughout Europe as a result of its achievements. Its interest in scholarly research is the reason for this. In actuality, it creatively applies fundamental academic research. Because of this, a large number of international applicants have chosen it as their top university option.

University of Groningen Acceptance Rate

Among the universities that withhold information about their acceptance rate is the University of Groningen. This is a result of their increased concern that the applicant will fulfill the requirements for admission. Here, there is no need for applicants to compete with one another in order to get enrolled. You have a strong probability of being admitted as long as you fulfill the requirements for admission.

Despite the aforementioned limitations, we were able to obtain important information regarding University of Groningen acceptance rate. Information about research profiles and admission records of neighboring colleges with similar rankings improved the situation. As a result, the University of Groningen acceptance rate is estimated to be roughly 50%.

Admission and Application At the University Groningen

The university admits international students for programs other than bachelor’s degrees. Three steps make up the admissions process: registration, admission, and application.

The optimum time to submit an application for a bachelor’s degree is starting on October 1. There is, however, a distinct application deadline for each course. Given this, the application deadline will be announced on the website of the course of your choosing.

Moreover, the deadline could vary depending on your nationality. Additionally, there can be deadlines for applicants seeking scholarships.

Procedure steps for admission and application

The University of Groningen accepts applications through the following channels:

Apply: You must register with Studielink in order to apply. This is an online registration and application service for Dutch universities. You will register and proceed in this manner.

Application receipt: Upon submission, you will receive an email that serves as verification from the system. However, the email of confirmation will be sent by the admission officers. This will take place following their review of your application. You will be notified by the admission officers if any items are missing.

Review: Your application materials will be forwarded by the institution to the appropriate Faculty’s Admission Board for assessment. Furthermore, it could take longer than six weeks.

Decision: You will be notified of the Admission Board’s decision regarding your application. There will be three ways that the choice is made: (a) you have received automatic admission. (b) your admission is conditional. (c) you do not have admission.

Additional information: the details include all the information you require regarding your enrollment at the University of Groningen. This covers things like the deadline, housing, registration, and visa processes.

The following documents must also be emailed to the school in PDF format:

  • A pre-university certificate that includes a study transcript
  • The study transcript needs to display the GPA (grade point average) or the Dutch grade scale equivalent of a 7.
  • Proof of fluency in English (IELTS 6.0)
  • Motivational Letter
  • Resume/curriculum vitae
  • Academic reference
  • GMAT or GRE (for graduate-level courses)

Application Fees

For undergraduate students, there is an application fee of 75 EUR.

The documents that are required are as follows:

  • Proof of Language Proficiency in English
  • Transcripts of studies
  • Health and travel insurance
  • Photocopies of every original document
  • Personal Statement

University of Groningen Ranking

This university is more than simply an academic establishment; it takes great pride in being included among the world’s best universities. As a result, it frequently appears in the top 100 on different ranking lists. Below are a few of the University of Groningen’s top rankings:

#64 Academic Ranking of World Universities 2021
#80 Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings 2021
#128 QS World University Rankings 2022
#92 US News ‘Best University Ranking 2021
#103, The Centre for World University Rankings 2021 – 2022.

Undergraduate Programs at  University of Groningen

There are forty-five undergraduate courses available at the school. About 35 are offered in English. The school provides major courses in artificial intelligence, business economics, international business, mathematics, and economics.

Study Materials and Additional Associated Costs

Study supplies like books, stationery, printouts, photocopies, lecture notes, and other costs are not covered by tuition in the Netherlands. Since these costs differ depending on the course, it is impossible to pinpoint their precise cost. Nonetheless, the official fee for every course for the 2020–2021 academic year should not exceed 700 EUR. Nevertheless, it wouldn’t hurt to have a little more cash. Usually, this is helpful in an emergency.

Conclusion (University of Groningen Acceptance Rate)

Submitting an application to the University of Groningen is a positive move. It will allow you to take certain liberties, so be sure you understand the requirements for your application. Everything you require to know about the university is listed here. Now that you’ve reviewed the pertinent information, you should see how crucial your choices are. I hope you’ll make the appropriate choices. Remember that your dreams are valid.


Is admission to the University of Groningen difficult?

Groningen is one of the many prestigious and selective universities in Holland. The annual acceptance rate to the university is typically in the range of 5%.

What is the University of Groningen’s minimum GPA requirement?

A minimum of 600 points in the math portion) and a high school GPA ranging from 3.0 to 4.0 overall.

we hope we’ve been able to answer all your questions? If you find this post helpful and you are interested in other international universities acceptance rate, you can check our websites for more information.

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