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What is Yabatech Cut off Mark in 2023/2024?

We are pleased to guide you on  Yabatech cut off marks! If you aspire to join the ranks of ambitious and talented individuals at one of Nigeria’s premier institutions, you’re in the right place.

Before making a decision, applicants must conduct thorough research, visit the campus if possible, and consider factors important to their needs and preferences. Additionally, checking the most recent reviews, testimonials, and rankings can provide updated insights into the institution’s current status.

Yabatech Cut off Mark

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This article will delve into the intricacies of Yabatech cut off mark, shedding light on the admission process, factors influencing cut off marks, and tips to ensure your success.

Understanding Yabatech Cut Off Mark

What is Cut Off Mark?

Cut off marks are the minimum scores required for admission to Yabatech academic programmes. The institution sets them and differs between courses and departments. It is critical to perform well in your UTME (Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination) and grasp Yabatech’s particular criteria.

Yabatech Admission Criteria

Yabatech considers several factors when setting cut off marks, including:

UTME Scores: Your performance in the UTME significantly influences your chances of securing admission. Yabatech may put different cut off marks for various score brackets.

O’Level Results: Your SSCE results, particularly in core subjects related to your chosen course, play a vital role in the admission process.

Post-UTME: Yabatech often conducts a Post-UTME screening exercise, and your performance in this test contributes to the overall evaluation.

Yabatech Cut Off Mark for all Courses

Yabatech does not specify the required UTME score for its applicants. The institution’s management summarized its cut-off ( the UTME score, post-UTME score, and O’level grading system) in the aggregate cut-off mark.

Candidates applying to Yabatech should score a minimum of 180 in the UTME. Below is the aggregate of Yabatech cut off mark.

Programme Cut-off Mark for ND (Full-time) Admission

S/N Programme Programme Cut-off marks
1 ND Accountancy 59.75
2 ND Agricultural Technology 50
3 ND Agricultural & Bio-Environmental Engineering 50.88
4 ND Architectural Technology 58
5 ND Banking & Finance 54.38
6 ND Building Technology 50.63
7 ND Business Administration & Management 58.50
8 ND Chemical Engineering 56.75
9 ND Civil Engineering 56.13
10 ND Computer Engineering 59.75
11 ND Computer Science 61.75
12 ND Electrical & Electronics Engineering 61.50
13 ND Estate Management 56.25
14 ND Food Technology 55.88
15 ND General Art 58.50
16 ND Hospitality Management 54.00
17 ND Fashion Design 60.38
18 ND Industrial Maintenance Engineering 51.50
19 ND Leisure & Tourism 50
20 ND Marine Engineering 54.75
21 ND Mechanical Engineering 57.38
22 ND Marketing 58.38
23 ND Mass Communication 62.13
24 ND Mechatronics Engineering 59.25
25 ND Nutrition & Dietetics 54.88
26 ND Office Technology & Mgt 56.50
27 ND Polymer Technology 50.00
28 ND Printing Technology 50.00
29 ND Public Administration 63.25
30 ND Quantity Surveying 50.00
31 ND Science Laboratory Technology 64.38
32 ND Statistics 50.00
33 ND Surveying & Geo-Informatics 50.00
34 ND Textile Technology 50.00
35 ND Urban & Regional Planning 50.00
36 ND Welding & Fabrication 50.00
37 ND Metallurgical Engineering 50.00
38 ND Library & Information Science 50.00

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Programme Cut-off Mark for B. SC Education (Full-time) Admission

Programme Programme cut-off marks
1 B. Sc Art Education 50
2 B. Sc Biology Education 50
3 B. Sc Business Education 50
4 B. Sc Chemistry Education 50
5 B. Sc Computer Education 50
6 B. Sc Home Economics Education. 50
7 B.Sc Industrial Technical Education 50
8 B.Sc Integrated Science 50
9 B.Sc Mathematics Education 50
10 B. Sc Physics Education 50

Tips for Meeting Yabatech Cut Off Mark

Thoroughly Prepare for UTME: Ace the UTME by focusing on key subject areas related to your chosen course.

Excel in Post-UTME: Once eligible, prepare diligently for Yabatech’s Post-UTME to enhance your overall score.

Polish Your O’Level Results: Ensure that your SSCE results align with the specific requirements of your desired course.

Seek Guidance: Consult with academic advisors, teachers, and current students to gain insights into the admission process and tips for success.


Embarking on your educational journey at Yabatech is an exciting prospect, and understanding the institution’s cut off marks is a crucial step toward realizing your dreams. Armed with the knowledge provided in this guide, you are better equipped to navigate the admission process successfully. Best of luck with your academic endeavors at Yaba College of Technology!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is yaba form out for 2023?

The application which is online will commence from Monday September 4, 2023 and close on Monday October 6, 2023.


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