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Georgetown University transfer acceptance rate

Are you are an applicant who is interested in Georgetown university and you wish to transfer there? Then you are on the right page as Georgetown university transfer acceptance rate will be disclosed in this post, along with other crucial details like the Georgetown transfer application deadline, requirements, decision date, and much more.

Georgetown University is often regarded as the top Jesuit University in the nation. For many high school athletes from around the world, this university which is situated in Washington, D.C. is the top choice. Because of this, acceptance rates have decreased recently to almost zero, leaving many aspirant Hoyas stranded outside the university’s gates.

However, Georgetown does accept between 80 and 300 transfer applicants annually, thus this need not be the final result.

Georgetown University transfer acceptance Rate

The most recent Georgetown University transfer acceptance rate is shown below, along with historical information.

185 out of the 2,528 students that requested for transfer admission in the fall of 2022 were accepted. This indicates that 7.3% of transfers to Georgetown are accepted. Georgetown University transfer acceptance rate differ depending on gender, and they are as follows:

Male candidates for transfers: 7.2%

7.3% of transfer candidates were female.

There were 2,655 transfer candidates for the fall of 2021; 86 of them were accepted. This indicates that 3.2% of transfers were accepted at Georgetown.

Examining past data is important when attempting to have a comprehensive understanding of the transfer process into a certain school. The percentage of transfers accepted into many colleges varies greatly from year to year. The Georgetown university transfer acceptance rate, which ranges from 3% to 17% in previous years, has, experienced considerable fluctuations.

Historical transfer rates are as follows:

Year Acceptance Rate
2020 14%
2019 9%
2018 9%
2017 17%

Georgetown Transfer Deadline

There is just one fall transfer option available at the university, and it closes on March 1.

Georgetown Transfer Requirements for Applications

The following are the Georgetown transfer requirements:

  • Fill out the Georgetown Transfer Application. The Common App is not utilized by this school. You will be able to access the Transfer Application Supplement once you have finished and submitted this main application. It usually takes a day to obtain the link for the supplement after finishing the initial application, so make sure to start this process well early.
  • Secondary School Report
  • Official college transcripts
  • SAT or ACT scores (required)
  • Dean’s Report
  • Mid-Term Report (recommended)
  • Professor’s Report
  • Optional alumni interview

Students that have completed the following have the best probability of being admitted to Georgetown:

  • Completed a minimum of 12 college credits.
  • Received remarkable marks in their first year at a four-year university or community college.
  • Have finished the necessary education for their chosen field of study. The Georgetown College of Arts and Sciences, the Walsh School of Foreign Service, the McDonough School of Business, the School of Nursing, and the School of Health are the five institutions to which students can apply.

GPA at Georgetown Transfer

In previous years, the average college GPA for admitted transfers has varied between 3.8 and 3.9. It is obvious that a score of 3.8 or higher is ideal, and the closer you can get to a 4.0, the better. Furthermore, most of the admitted students were among the top 10–20% of their high school graduating class.

Georgetown Writing Supplement for Transfer

All applicants for transfers must answer the following mandatory essay questions:

Write two short essays (about one page each) on the subjects listed below and attach them.

First Essay

The Admissions Committee would like to hear more about you in your own words because Georgetown is a diverse community. Kindly send in a brief essay that best describes you, either artistic or personal. If you are coming from a four-year university, please explain why you are transferring.

Second Essay

Students choose the school that interests them and respond to the matching question:

  • Georgetown College: What does getting an education mean to you? How may Georgetown College assist you in accomplishing this goal? (Applicants to the Faculty of Languages and Linguistics or the Sciences and Mathematics should mention the course of study they have chosen.)
  • Nursing School: Describe the factors that have shaped your drive to learn about health care. Kindly mention if you are interested in studying nursing.
  • School of Health: Tell us about the reasons for your interest in a career in medicine. Kindly specify if you plan to major in human science, global health, or health care management and policy.
  • Walsh School of Foreign Service: Explain how your interest in world politics has grown and why you think attending the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service will help you achieve your future objectives.
  • McDonough School of Business: in providing graduates with critical analytical, financial, ethical, and global views, the McDonough School of Business is a national and international leader in this area. Could you please explain why you chose to study business at Georgetown?

Georgetown Transfer Decision Date

June 1 is the deadline for Georgetown transfer decisions for fall applicants. Students that are accepted then have until June 15 to accept the invitation.

Conclusion: Georgetown University Transfer Acceptance Rate

Using a comprehensive approach, the admissions committee reviews over 2,300 transfer applications annually. Recent data supports their recommendation that applicants with a B+ average or higher be given careful attention. In the end, they only admit students they think will most benefit from Georgetown’s curriculum and facilities.

You’ll need to spend a lot of time and $75 on the Georgetown application, as they don’t use the Common App and require many essays. All of this work could still prove useful particularly in years when the acceptance rate is higher.

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