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Why Is UC Davis Acceptance Rate So High 2023?

UC Davis is one of the best universities in the US for Agricultural Sciences and is the seventh campus of the University of California. It is a public research institution that is expanding quickly, despite the high admissions rate.

We covered the UC Davis acceptance rate for 2023, entrance standards, 2026 class admission statistics, and Why is UC Davis acceptance rate so high in this article. Now let’s get going.

Is Admission to UC Davis Difficult?

Although admission to UC Davis is competitive, it is not the most difficult university in the University of California system. More important than getting by is standing out from the crowd.

The number of applicants to UC Davis has grown over the last five years, and so has the level of competition for admission. Additionally, the school appears to be taking in more international and out-of-state students, which broadens the diversity of its student body.

Standardized test results are meaningless for admission since most applicants cannot offset their low GPAs with high ACT/SAT scores since all UC institutions have instituted the test blind policy.

This is among the factors that make it more difficult for first-year students to get admission to UC Davis than it is for transfer students. Transferred students from California community colleges are more likely to be accepted, particularly if they apply through the TAG program.

Noting that some majors are more competitive than others is also important. For instance, admission to STEM disciplines like veterinary science is typically challenging.

UC Davis Acceptance Rate

For the class of 2027, UC Davis acceptance rate is 41.8%. 39,601 applicants were accepted by UC Davis out of 94,635 total applications for freshmen.

The number of freshman applications fell by 0.09%, but the selectivity rate jumped by an astounding 4.3% when compared to the freshman admit data from the previous year.

Year Acceptance Rate
2019 39.1%
2020 46.6%
2021 49.0%
2022 37.5%
2023 41.8%

The acceptance rate for transfers to UC Davis for the class of 2027 is 64.6%. For the autumn of 2023, the school received 14,747 transfer applications, and roughly 9,530 individuals were granted admission. The majority of transfer students admitted are 92.7% and they came from community institutions in California.

The UC Davis admittance rates according to residency:

  • California residents – 32.3%
  • Out-of-state students – 59.8%
  • International students – 42.9%

Even though the application procedure is challenging, UC Davis acceptance rate shows that it is dedicated to giving a wide spectrum of students, especially those transferring from California’s community colleges, access to a top-notch education. Click here to apply.

Why is UC Davis Acceptance Rate so High?

Last year, UC Davis had a 49% admit rate due to its extremely high acceptance rate. To address the over-enrollment of the previous year that resulted in issues with housing and class sizes, the university admitted fewer first-year students for the class of 2026.

The fact that UC Davis receives a large number of applications and is aware that not all of them will accept its offer of admission is one of the reasons for its high acceptance rate. It could put over-enrollment at risk in an effort to increase its yield rate.

Although most students believe that an institution’s prestige increases with a lower acceptance rate, high acceptance rates do not necessarily indicate poor quality instruction.

Admissions Requirements for University of California Davis (UC Davis)

The most crucial factors that the UC Davis admissions committee considers while evaluating applications are listed below.


Your academic performance in high school is largely indicated by your GPA in all completed A-G and UC-certified honors courses. You also receive bonus points for your achievement in transferable college courses, International Baccalaureate Higher Level, and Advanced Placement courses.

It’s advantageous if the admissions committee observes that you’ve improved academically, as your GPA suggests. If your high school GPA is among the highest in your class, you qualify for the Local Context (ELC) program.


You should be aware by now that more California residents are admitted to and enrolled in all University of California campuses than non-residents. It also matters where your community college or secondary school is located.

In-state students not only have a higher chance of getting into UC Davis, but they also receive more financial aid and accrue less debt. Either you or your parents or legal guardians must be residents of California in order for you to get residency there after being there for at least a year.

Activities Outside of the Classroom

The selection criteria include unique skills, accomplishments, and honors in a particular field, such as athletics, the visual and performing arts, or communication. Include any unique abilities you may have, such as proven oral and written language competence in another language, in your UC application.

Additionally, exhibiting leadership through noteworthy experiences or accomplishments that highlight your contribution to your school and society, such as substantial community service, involvement in student government, or other such activities, will be very beneficial.

Academic Achievement

Academic achievements in relation to your experiences and unique circumstances, such as disability, low family income, being a first-generation college student, having to work, being in a disadvantaged social or educational setting, having challenging personal or family circumstances, being a refugee or veteran, etc.


It is clear from looking at UC Davis’ admission rate that a significant amount of gifted applicants are drawn to this esteemed university each year. It’s competitive to get into UC Davis, with an acceptance rate of about 41% at the moment. To stand out in the admissions process, prospective students should concentrate on submitting their finest application and emphasizing their distinctive traits. Students may flourish in the diverse and energetic environment at UC Davis, and those who are accepted can take advantage of the top-notch academic offerings and resources this esteemed university has to offer.

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