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Cal State Fullerton Nursing Acceptance Rate

This post offers an in-depth insight on Cal State Fullerton nursing acceptance rate and its admission into its wide range of degrees, in case you are considering applying to this highly sought-after state university to study nursing.

About California State University Fullerton’s Nursing Program

With an emphasis on leadership roles at the systems level for positions in administration and education, as well as the creation of work environments that support professional nursing, the Master of Science in Nursing: Nursing Leadership Concentration (henceforth referred to as MSN Leadership) provides course work and clinical experiences that prepare nurses to expand their career options. With this degree, nurse executives are ready to use their expertise in acute care settings as well as community-based organizations. Graduates can work in academic, consultative, and case management roles in addition to nursing administration at various management levels, in line or staff positions (in specialized areas like quality improvement, staff/patient education, risk management, research, or strategic planning).

With a foundation in both the scientific discipline and the art of professional nursing, students acquire an advanced knowledge base and skill set. To address the demands of a complicated and evolving health care system as well as new customer demands for the highest quality and outcomes, this degree of professional education is required. Within the narrow specialized area of nursing leadership, the degree program aims to develop autonomous functioning and multidisciplinary collaboration skills.

Cal State Fullerton Nursing Acceptance Rate

With Cal State Fullerton nursing acceptance rate at 59%, it shows it is a fairly selective institution. When completing your application and assembling the necessary materials, keep that in mind. Make every effort to distinguish yourself from other applicants.

How to Apply through Cal State Apply to CSUF

Applying to Cal State Fullerton nursing requires students to use the Cal State Apply link, which opens in a new window during their senior year of high school’s fall semester. As the major, choose Nursing-Direct-Entry Freshmen. The deadline for applications is November 30 to October 1. The School of Nursing will not require separate applications from students.

Applicants should note that After being accepted into the program, you will need to meet the health requirements of Cal State Fullerton nursing and the designated clinical agency in addition to having current health insurance, a valid California driver’s license, auto insurance, and CPR certification. Physical examination, two-step tuberculosis test, positive teeters for measles, mumps, rubella, varicella, hepatitis-B, COVID-19, and flu vaccination are among the conditions for obtaining a health clearance.

Background checks will be necessary for all students as most healthcare agencies demand that nursing students have a clean criminal record in order for them to engage in clinical placement(s) at their respective facilities. Please be advised that in California, obtaining a license to practice as a registered nurse and conducting background checks both require the provision of a social security number (SSN) or individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN).

Cal State Fullerton Nursing Requirement

For Cal State Fullerton nursing acceptance rate Applicants will only be considered if they have met all of the below requirements.

  • Be a high school graduate or equivalent.
  • Complete the 15-unit comprehensive “A-G” pattern with a grade of C- or better by high school graduation.
  • “A-G” requirement may not be completed during the summer term prior to fall enrollment.
  • Earn a competitive Multi Factor Admission Score (MFAS) as described below. Minimum MFAS will fluctuate each term based on the strength of the applicant pool . 

For more information on this, click on Further Requirement.

Cal State Fullerton Nursing Selection Process

All applicants who are California residents, and apply through Cal State Apply during the application period, to the correct Nursing major, will be reviewed for admission. the requirement for these are listed below

  • A evaluation of the applicant’s grade trends from their freshman to junior years of high school will be done. We’ll be watching for either a sustained or increased GPA.
  • Applicants must provide two (2) letters of recommendation with their Cal State Apply application. The Cal State Apply system will get in touch with those that were recommended provided by the applicant, who will supply the names and email addresses of those recommended in the application. Letters should not be sent to the CSUF Office of Admissions or the School of Nursing.Only the Cal State Apply application will have the letters that must be presented.
  • A composition is necessary inside the Cal State Apply application as the Cal State Apply application is the only one that has the essay submission form. Two or three nursing faculty members will read and grade the mandatory Statement of Purpose essay using a rubric.
  • The top applicants will be invited to interview. Interviews will take place in February or March of 2024.

After completing the necessary requirements for the traditional BSN pathway, do i still need to apply to the nursing major?

A candidate who is admitted into CSUF’s Traditional BSN Pathway is regarded as a nursing student. After completing the prerequisite courses for nursing, the student would not need to apply. The student needs to uphold the following requirements in order to keep their standing in the nursing major:

  • Keep your overall grade point average at 3.0 or above.
  • Keep your required grade point average at 3.0 or above.
  • Obtain a B- or higher in the prerequisite science courses.
  • Get a C or higher in the necessary courses that isn’t science-related.

FAQS (Cal State Fullerton Nursing Acceptance Rate)

For the CSUF BSN Pre-Licensure Pathways, what is the NCLEX pass rate?

Visit the California Board of Registered Nursing website to view the current NCLEX pass rates for the Pre-Licensure BSN paths at CSUF and for all other pre-licensure nursing programs in the state of California.

The Traditional BSN Pathway: How much does it cost? Is there financial aid available?

Examining the Tuition and Campus-Based fees listed on the Student Business Services. it is for students regarding tuition costs, according to the School of Nursing. All CSU mentioned fees should be understood to be estimations that could change. Textbooks and other additional costs are not included in the quoted fees. Students are encouraged to check the Student Business Services and Financial help website for information on school loans and financial help from the School of Nursing.

Are transfers eligible to apply for the BSN Pathway?

No. Transfer students are not accepted on this pathway.

Is it possible for international students to apply for the Traditional BSN Pathway?

No. International students are not accepted on this pathway.

Does the Traditional BSN Pathway have a waiting list?

Every year, by May 1st, once admission offers are made, the Traditional BSN Pathway will maintain a waiting list. There won’t be a waitlist until the entire cohort is accepted and enrolled.

we hope we’ve been able to answer all your questions? If you find this post helpful and you are interested in other international universities acceptance rate, you can check our websites for more information.

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