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Vanderbilt MBA Acceptance Rate: How To Get Into Vanderbilt MBA Program

Are you trying to get into Vanderbilt University Owen MBA but you don’t have much knowledge about the program? Continue reading to learn everything about the school and Vanderbilt MBA acceptance rate.

Vanderbilt Overview

Situated in Nashville, the capital city of the US state of Tennessee, Vanderbilt University Owen Graduate School of Management is one of the preeminent institutions in management education. The B-school is also known as the Owen School or Vanderbilt Business School and it is accredited by AACSB.

The B-school offers a wide selection of electives and is strongly focused on industry. The employment report of its MBA graduates from Owen MBA demonstrates its emphasis on upholding the caliber of its business education. After graduating from Owen, 97% of the 2021 class of MBA graduates secured jobs in less than three months.

Vanderbilt University Ranking

Vanderbilt University is ranked 14th out of 2022 National Universities (USA) by US News. It makes sense that Vanderbilt University would rank in the top 30 best B-schools given its being a great university and the Vanderbilt MBA acceptance rate being competitive.

Types of Vanderbilt MBA Programs


Owen School of Management is of the opinion that success in a select number Vanderbilt MBA programs should be the exclusive goal. Therefore, Vanderbilt only provides two types of MBA programs, in contrast to many B-schools that offer a variety of business programs.

  • MBA program full-time

The conventional two-year MBA program is intended for people who are just beginning their careers in management, ideally with three to five years of work experience. In the first year, the focus is on building a solid foundation through essential business classes.

In the second year of the program, students can choose from a variety of concentrations and specialties to customize their course content.

  • Executive MBA

Working people who wish to obtain a top-notch MBA without quitting their employment can enroll in the program. These are experienced professionals workers hoping to make the next big step in their respective careers. They have a great deal of job experience.

The EMBA program is meant to convey MBA knowledge without interfering with a person’s ability to maintain a work-life balance. On weekends, classes are held. During the first year, all students follow the same curriculum and gain a solid foundation in strategy and leadership. Depending on the second year track that students select either Global Immersion or Executive Edge, the curriculum varies.

Vanderbilt MBA Acceptance Rate

The most recent Vanderbilt MBA acceptance rate is 6.7% overall, indicating a very competitive pool of applicants. Vanderbilt MBA acceptance rate was 46% in 2020, according to Fortune Education.

Profile of Vanderbilt MBA Class

You may learn what your profile should look like to get in to a B-school by looking at the class profile of that particular B-school. Additionally, you would be more aware of the qualities that prospective candidates will be evaluated for by the Vanderbilt University admissions committee.

Particulars MBA Class of 2023
Class Size 182
Age Range 23-40
Average GMAT Score 690
Average TOEFL Score 106
Women’s Representation 37%
International Students 25%
Average Years of Work Experience 5.7

MBA Fees at Vanderbilt University

Although obtaining a US MBA has its costs, the benefits, such as a more favorable professional growth trajectory and increased pay—may greatly exceed the program’s start-up costs. So, start by projecting the annual cost of your MBA program at Vanderbilt University.

Fees and Expenses Type Amount (in $)
Tuition 65,500
Health Insurance 3,491
Miscellaneous Expenses (Books, maintenance, etc.) 3.170
Rent and Utilities (9 months) 12,906
Personal Expenses (9 months) 2,997
Meals 6,562
Transportation 1,526
Total Annual Cost 96,152

Scholarships for Vanderbilt MBA

Numerous scholarships are available to Vanderbilt MBA students to help lower the cost of an MBA. The scholarship amounts vary from a full tuition waiver to $5,000 per school year.

When you apply, you will immediately be given the same consideration as all other applicants for a merit-based award. The selection committee would assess your suitability for a scholarship on the basis of:

  • Your scholarly accomplishments
  • Activities outside of the classroom
  • Possibility of leadership
  • Exceptional achievements in the workplace
  • Possibility of future success in a management profession

There are numerous other fellowships, grants, and special scholarships available in addition to the merit-based awards. Usually, these demand for extra application materials. The following are a few notable Vanderbilt MBA scholarships, grants, and fellowships:

  • Endowed scholarships funded by donors

A group of Owen’s alumni and friends who are dedicated to the B-school’s development have established these merit-based endowment scholarships. Among the notable scholars in this cohort are

Scholarship Open to
Amy and John Underwood Family Scholarship All students of Owens School of Management. Preference is given to students focussing on finance.
Amy Jorgensen Scholarship All female MBA students of Owens.
Billings Family Scholarship All Vanderbilt MBA students
Anderson Family Scholarship All Vanderbilt MBA students
Carin and Todd Barth Scholarship All Vanderbilt MBA students
  • The Dean’s Scholars Program

The Owen School of Management signature award winner receives a full tuition scholarship and an additional $15,000 annual stipend. In addition to fulfilling the above specified standard requirements for merit-based scholarships, candidates must also submit a supplementary essay.

  • OneOwen Inclusion Award

The new students who best embody Owen’s core values and tenets, transparency, accountability, trust, inclusivity, innovation, and collaborative community win this award.

Vanderbilt MBA Acceptance Rate

MBA Requirements at Vanderbilt

Students from all academic backgrounds are welcome at the graduate school of management MBA. The sole requirement for Vanderbilt MBA acceptance rate is completion of a four-year US bachelor’s degree program or its overseas equivalent.

How to Apply for an MBA at Vanderbilt

Application procedures for MBA programs at Vanderbilt and other US B-schools are comparable. An online application must be submitted as part of the procedure. In addition to entering your contact details, demographics, and areas of interest, for Vanderbilt MBA acceptance rate, you will need to fill out the following sections of the Vanderbilt MBA application.

  • Standard Test Results

A good GMAT score is a requirement for admission to the MBA program. The Vanderbilt University admissions committee will only take into account the highest GMAT score when there are several scores. Although waivers for the GMAT are sometimes available, taking the test is generally advised regardless of waiver eligibility.

Gaining the essential advantage and making your Vanderbilt MBA application stand out from the competition can be achieved with a great GMAT score. Furthermore, as part of their hiring process, some employers, particularly those in the banking or consulting industries, may request the candidate’s GMAT results.

  • Proficiency in the English Language

International applicants to the Vanderbilt MBA program must provide a valid TOEFL or IELTS score as evidence of their English language skills. However, if an international applicant satisfies any of the following requirements, they may be exempt from submitting their TOEFL or IELTS test results:

  • The candidate must have completed their undergraduate studies in a nation where English is an official language.
  • The candidate must have been living and working in a nation where English is the official language for the last two years or longer.
  • The candidate’s verbal portion of the GMAT score must be in the 90th percentile or above.
  • Transcript

At the time of application submission, provide scanned copies of all of your grade reports, your bachelor’s degree, and any other transcripts from all previous colleges or universities you have attended. In order to determine your GPA, attach any supporting documentation (such as the back of your mark sheet or the university’s GPA guidelines) if your transcript does not state your cumulative GPA.

Applicants from outside the United States who obtained their undergraduate degrees elsewhere should omit the GPA column.

  • Recommendation letter

One letter of recommendation must be sent with your application. Your direct supervisor or a professional mentor is preferred by Vanderbilt Business to serve as your recommender.

  • Resumé

Send in a succinct one-page CV that highlights your professional achievements, employment history, and educational background. Use the Vanderbilt MBA application form’s detailed work history section to include any additional information about your professional background.

  • Video Response

The video response is a fantastic way to show off your uniqueness and sincerity. You’ll have plenty of time to answer the questions and be given detailed instructions on how to record your responses.

  • Short Essays

It is necessary that you turn in two 150-word essays. Subjects are listed on the Owen School of Management website. These succinct written comments give the admissions committee a glimpse into your objectives and character. Furthermore, you have the option to provide an optional explanation in order to draw attention to certain areas that you believe the application form hasn’t yet covered.

  • Evaluative Interview

Candidates for interviews are chosen by the Vanderbilt University admissions committee after each application has been carefully reviewed.

The members of the admissions committee typically conduct the 30-minute interviews. This would be your largest and last chance to speak with the admissions committee. Tell tales about your progress to this point, the lessons you’ve learnt, and your experiences.

Applicants are notified of their acceptance by the application round decision date.

Conclusion(Vanderbilt MBA Acceptance Rate)

Many refer to Vanderbilt University as the “Harvard of the South” or the “Southern Ivy.” This reputation is well justified by its MBA program. In addition, you will undoubtedly get extra energy and exposure while studying for an MBA at a top business school in Nashville, one of the most vibrant cities in the country, which will broaden your perspective and increase your business knowledge. Vanderbilt MBA acceptance rate is very competitive so applicants should ensure they meet up the requirements for easy entry into the school.


These are questions asked about Vanderbilt Owen MBA acceptance rate

How many entries are available for the MBA program at Vanderbilt?

Only one fall entrance to the Vanderbilt MBA program is accepted each academic year.

Can international students hold down a job while they study?

For the first nine months of their study, overseas students are not permitted to work off campus, as per the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration. After that, in order student’s work off campus for summer internships or other occupations throughout the academic year, they would require permission.

we hope we’ve been able to answer all your questions? If you find this post helpful and you are interested in other international universities acceptance rate, you can check our websites for more information.

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